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Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, December 30, 2014 ~ Secrets by Candlelight

Tantalyzing Tuesday and I am cheating, just a tiny bit. I am trying to finish The Para-portage of Emily for Secret Cravings Publishing and it is due January 1, 2015 which is a mere 36, or so, hours away.

In order to meet a previous commitment to a group, this group of talented authors I belong to, I am posting a snippet as my Teaser submission for today. I have just written these words so I hope that you enjoy my work as the very ink dries.

Have a prurient passage to my partners posts and read their submissions. They are sure to be a delight. The links and list of authors are listed below and sprinkled throughout.

Happy New Year. Bounty and Blessings to you all.
Enjoy ~   o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Secrets by Candlelight
         Emily lit a candle that had once been on the mantel and re-entered the cubby. The draft was still chilly and very musky. The candle cast a flickering light that darted into dark corners and exposed them briefly to her curious penetrating gaze. There was no handrail along the stone wall created by the back of the fireplace. And the stone steps, narrow and steep, descended sharply into a knowing black abyss. 
         But, Emily had no fear—none—and she was shocked by her lack of dread. In point of fact, Emily was not burdened by anxiety nor foreboding. Her expectations were not tied to any particular outcome. The journey into her cellar was not overshadowed by any explicit feeling, except that of awe and wonderment, a raw anticipation. Her heart beat out a cadence that her footsteps followed deeper into the chasm which she knew in her soul was no void.
         It would be filled with secrets.
         Emily knew in the very heart that she could not control…cold secrets that seized her core in an icy grip and her lungs in piercing seizures—cold, perhaps dark, secrets that would soon be her own.
         Would the candle be enough to light her way and protect her from harm by banishing the darkness into the golden hue of emanating truth? She was soon to find out. Each additional step brought her closer, each breath added to an incantation she whispered to no one but herself and yet everyone in the past—each heartbeat brought her closer to him, only him. Involuntarily, she caught herself invoking his name.
         His whispered name preceded her willful plunge into the darkness.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. That's not cheating at all and I love the haunting tone you set. Leaves me shivering.

  2. Strange how the lit flame of a candle changes the look of a room. Your teaser is beautifully written and a touch haunting. I look forward to reading the completed book. Happy New Year xx

  3. Another piece I enjoy reading, very chilling and good.

  4. very chilling and so beautifully written


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