Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, 2 December 2014 ~ Crested Splendor Illuminata

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers with a short 200 words, sweet and sexy based upon a photo of our own selection. I picked the photo below. Have a quick read. There are a number of other participants today that would beg your attention.

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Crested Splendor Illuminata

The Crested Splendor lay naked, except for the headdress she wore covering most of her face, as the centerpiece of the pyre. The illuminata rose to a low contrast of light and dark flickering shadows. She glowed, surrounded by candles and opulent gold bowls filled with fragrant sacred oils and blood as mantras road sweet-scented waves of ethereal music in the seduction of the men.

The magnificent woman, a chattel offering, was tied by wrist and ankle to the column while the twelve men used claws, hooves and talons to wash and anoint her in the sacred oils preparing her sumptuous body. The ritual, the incense, the music and the different animal tools dipped in consecrated blood charged her body with overwhelming energy.

From her vortex of womanhood dripped honeyed pre-cum. She begged for release as the men chanted, igniting every pore. They cleansed her and prepared her for her Holy Sacrament. Her perfection, purity and flawless beauty were sacrosanct in the ritual. Each man ascended the stage and deposited his seed. 

The ceremony continued until she cleansed each man with her mouth. She was now their Lord Mistress, bearing the future of the coven inside her, the Lord God of Darkness.

© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Holy Hell, Muffy!

    This was great. All the visuals and sensory information went excellent with the image.

  2. beautifully written with excellent description and a very erotic picture

  3. Great teaser. Love the mystic in it.

  4. Very mystic and erotic. You described this tease wonderfully.

  5. So erotic. Beautiful. The mystical element lifts your writing to teaser supremity. Love it

  6. Wow Muffy, what an intriguing world you've created in just 200 words :-)


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