Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, November 19, 2013 ~ Simon Estes Revisited

I am late getting my Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser up. I am SO sorry. Our Tuesday challenge is for participating authors to select a photograph that moves them in some way to write a 200 word story. Sounds relatively easy, but it is not to which I can testify today.

I hope you enjoy my short.  If you do, please leave me a comment below and have a visit to the other participating authors blogs indulging yourself in their quickies. You will find them all listed below like falling petals or at the link above.
Simon Estes Revisited
The orchestra was warming up as the wealthy patrons filed into the theatre and were settled. She wore a white spaghetti strapped gown with a cascading neckline to her abdomen which revealed her breath in the soft rise of her alabaster breasts. 

Her only adornment was a starkly white gardenia nestled in the curves of her auburn curls. The heavy floral fragrance announced her arrival. She glided elegantly to her aisle and relaxed, like a dove, into her center seat. She was alone.

The house lights dimmed; she glowed, demurely, in the white gown as if she were unmistakably the main attraction.

She stared as he walked onstage: a towering, self-assured black man, arms outstretched in leather to embrace the audience – to embrace her. His piercing gaze irresistibly locked onto her, in all her radiant purity. His eyes declared his hunger.

The opera house erupted in his full bass-baritone harmony. He sang to no one but her as she smiled. Each note he sang strummed every nerve in her very foundation.  His musical seduction began, and will end, in his outstretched arms. 

Her petals slowly filled with her eager response and unfolded their protection of her pearl as she answered his desire with a blush.

Participating Authors


  1. Oh Muffy, what a scene you set. I was there with her. Fantastic tease.

  2. Oh wow, you pulled me in from the get go and your subscriptions were perfect. Great Tease xxxx

  3. Oh wow, you pulled me in from the get go and your subscriptions were perfect. Great Tease xxxx

  4. Omg what a wonderful fantasy tease you have created and wow your photo so loving and attractive loved it Muffy Ji thank you

  5. Just loved it, Muffy. Wow. You create an environment where it's just like I was there in the box. What's amazing is that I have an absolute weakness for the Opera! I loved it.

  6. Superb! Perfect imagery! Your tease sucked me in and hypnotized me!

  7. Her willing beauiful accepatance to his hunger and his bass voicehad me experiencing their enduring moment of love and beautiful seduction. The revealing of the pearl made the ending most sublime. I always envisioned you like your picture, so enchanting and loving.

  8. Wow! You are a mistress of words, as I bow to your tantalizing verses. A remarkable journey within each seductive line. You left me with jaw dropping imagery, and longing for the power to be such a sight myself. This truly brings you right where you wish the audience to be. Thanks for sharing Muffy. Much love, as you are so deserving of. ~hugs~


  9. Excellent teaser! It enveloped all the commencement of a performance to remember. The visuals reached out and placed me in the audience with all sights sounds and smells familiar. I could almost hear them sing!


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