Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, November 5, 2013 ~ The Para-Portage of Emily

Today is Tantalizing Tuesday. The objective for the participating authors is to select a photo that moves them to write a 200 word teaser for your reading pleasure. I selected this photo below of a 19th century period woman.  I have taken a bit of a liberty as my piece is a wee longer, but, please indulge me. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please leave me a comment. I am considering making it into a novella or a full length book. 

So, after you have had your way with me, visit the other authors via the link above or I have listed them all like sea shells below, one by one. They are all outstanding authors just waiting to entertain you with the stories they weave. Enjoy, mes cheries:) xo

The Para-Portage of Emily

The truth is that Emily had discovered the shadows created by light and dark.  Furthermore, she discovered she liked it there, too.  She had still been in control of her destiny then, but not anymore.  In fact, she became a prisoner of the shadow’s seduction…
The hours passed and Emily slept to the crackling sounds of the fire.  And then, she dreamed…
A young woman ran from a man pursuing her. He collected the young woman in his arms in the foyer of this house and they entered the library, in one another’s arms.  He took her to the couch, where Emily slept, and placed her down gently.  As the man indulged himself in the sweet specter of her breasts, his right hand dropped between the young woman’s legs and gently, inch by slow inch, raised her full hem and petticoats until he found the naked treasure he sought. 
The room was nearly dark, save the floor lamp above Emily's waking head.  The fire embers glowed a vibrant red, hot orange-gold and burning blue-white-yellow against the black shadowed backdrop of the firewall.  She composed herself and straightened her clothes.  She allowed a lone hand to search between her legs for evidence of this consuming dream.  She had actually cum in her sleep, while immersed in the vivid vision.  She languished, rolled and stretched into the memory, holding onto the pleasant remains of the dream, smiling intimately to......…to herself and her shadow lover.  

It had felt so real to her; who was he?  
“And when will he return…?” 

Participating Authors


  1. Mysterious. Why does Emily live in the shadows? By Choice? Or she being held captive by someone? And yes this is the beginning of an extended more detailed story.I hope she discovers the man in her dreams who brings her pleasure. Nice link to him chasing a woman and carrying her off to the sofa where Emily slept.

  2. Beautifully written as usual and so erotic! :)

  3. Wonderful Muffy!

    Expand!!!!! I want to read more, and I just love the lushness in your writing.

  4. Very enchanting! I agree with Molly on this one; you need to expand the piece.

  5. Bravo Muffy! I want more. Your eloquent,descriptions with excellent visuals make me want so much more. Love it

  6. An Excellent Erotic Dream with sensual sighs in-between these sweet tantalizing lines divine. I wrote a poem to this photo once... lovely.... also, I wrote in a contest about incubus dreams. This made me think of that, without the demons involved of-course! lol. :P You totally rocked this Tuesday my sweet friend. :) Great to partake of your talented pen once again. -Seductive-

    -poeticweaver xo

  7. Oh dear, oh dear, oh my. That was so hot I do believe you have given me the vapors.

    1. Thank you, Pete. It was so kind of you to stop bt and read one of my shorts. Please, I do hope you will read a few more and tell me what you think:) xo

  8. A period piece, ghostly, sensuous and romantic - steeped in atmospheric eroticism. Very nice work, Muffy.


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