Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 8, 2013 ~ The Emerald Pool

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers are here once again to tempt your passions. We each select a photo and write a short 200 word story. They are all different and you are sure to find something that tickles your pleasure fancy. Just follow the link above to see all the participating authors then you can jump one-at-a-time to their blogs to read their sexy stories. Or, I will list them below my short heart-breaker then you can navigate to their blogs from here. Do leave a comment, too, but first...

We "discovered" an emerald, deep-water mountain pool in the Sierras on a drive to Lake Tahoe.  It was as freezing as you would expect and invariably, we always stayed too long in the spring snow runoff.  We were numb and so red our skin was almost blue; but we loved it. We were invigorated by secrecy of the emerald pool: the color a reflection of the redwoods against the intensely blue sky.  There had been many accidents and deaths to divers from the rock sheers that climbed above the emerald surface of the deep water jewel. This story is about one of them.....

The Emerald Pool
They sat in the car as they had so many times before, holding hands, nestling warm cheeks into pulsating napes. The sound of passion coursing through each heart could be heard over the thunderous falls. One youthful day, their lives changed forever, replaced by pain and heartbreak so real, so paralyzingly real.

He carried her to the water's edge as the fall's spray landed softly on her smile. It was here she almost lost her life and only here that she still felt alive.  The chilly spring fed pool suspended her painful, twisted body. The numbing, cold water was stark contrast to the hot, steamy penetration of his hard shaft. This was the only way she could feel his love.

She whimpered and abandoned her pain to his passion. He cupped the sunshine that was her drape to his face. Breathing in the aroma of memories, he stifled a silent scream as he whispered her name.

"Now," she sighed, touching her lover’s face tenderly. "Now................please" 

Breathless, he released her, crying; searing tears fell upon his misted face.  She drifted into the swirl of the emerald pool then disappeared into the waiting dark embrace of relief where she would forever be free.


Now, do be a jewel, yourself, and swim over to the other writers and read their crafty creations. As I said, you can jump over to our authors page above on the link or you will find them listed like jewels themselves below. But, do go...go on now and leave them a comment too:) xo


  1. Well, outside of the tears that wouldn't stop for a while...that was just beautiful.

    Muffy, you effortlessly write some brilliant phrases as a matter of course. Heck, even outside of the actual tease, the line "so red our skin was almost blue" is just brilliant.

    In the tease...wow. The sun as her drape. Wow. So much here. So good.

  2. Such an awesome picture. Great tease Muffy. xx

  3. you've made me all teary. Perfect thank you

  4. Oh my that is such a powerful piece, Muffy! I have tears in my eyes.

  5. Wonderful fantasy and emotional post Love you style thank you Muffy Ji

  6. Ouch! That hurt. So beautifully done and great imagery. <3

  7. Very emotional Muffy... and wow... beautifully written!

  8. Heart-wrenching. How did she become victim of the pain she no longer could manage? I felt the deepest sadness yet overwhelming love. Yours words are explicitly tender and vivid transcending into a beautiful vision, sparkling, like your photograph of The Emerald Pool.

  9. Amazing. This broke my heart and took my breath away.


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