Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, October 29, 2013 ~ David

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers and a fabulous group of authors join to write a 200 word inspiration piece based on a photograph of their own choice.  I stepped into the past as my niece's recent death has caused me to wax nostalgic. 

My first real love as a budding 16 year old was killed in an automobile accident when I was 21 and he 24 when I was in Kansas City. My Mother didn't tell me until I returned home and he had been buried for 6 months. Anyway, I thought I would post this small remembrance I had written in 'Notes' on my Facebook page.

Stop by the TTT link above or visit the pages of my co-authors and read their inspired pieces and first, foremost, enjoy!!  (And yes, that is me when I was about 18 or so....shhhhhhhhhh!)
David and Penny
The years that have passed have done nothing to soothe the fractured heart of a young woman, eager to fall into the arms of a lost love. Yes, time does do something, but heal it does not.  Every once in awhile, like today, something casual and innocent forces the fissures of years past to reopen, lancing a dormant wound.  And the passion, the desire, the loss and painful end releases into the pure, clean, comforting air of quiet acceptance.  It never leaves you; it never frees you. Bound to the past by love, and pain, it never goes away. Why should it?

"At David's Grave"
for B. and H.F.

Yes, he is here in this

open field, in sunlight,among

the few young trees set out

to modify the bare facts--

he's here, but only

because we are here.

When we go, he goes with us

to be your hands that never

do violence, your eyes

that wonder, your lives

that daily praise life

by living it, by laughter.

He is never alone here,

never cold in the field of graves.


While we were visiting David’s grave

I saw at a little distance

a woman hurrying towards another grave

hands outstretched, stumbling

in her haste; who then

fell at the stone she made for

and lay sprawled upon it, sobbing,

sobbing and crying out to it.

She was neatly dressed in a pale coat

and seemed neither old nor young.

I couldn’t see her face, and my friends

seemed not to know she was there.

Not to distress them, I said nothing.

But she was not an apparition.

And when we walked

back to the car in silence

I stood stealthily back and saw she rose

and quieted herself and began slowly

to back away from the grave.

Unlike David, who lives

in our lives, it seemed

whoever she mourned dwelt

there, in the field, under stone.

It seemed the woman

believed whom she loved heard her,

heard her wailing, observed

the nakedness of her anguish,

and would not speak.

Denise Levertov

~“Denise Levertov Poems 1968 - 1972”


  1. Your moving remembrance for David begs me to remember friends who were taken too early in life. Poetry always sways my emotions easily. You have done it again with your tribute.

  2. Soulful, beautiful remembrance. Love your tribute teaser


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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