Friday, September 20, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, September 20, 2013 ~ Dance

Today is Flash Fiction Friday in our group of notable notables.  We write 100 words, no more no less, from the inspiration of a single selected photo, common to us all. I love, love, love this photograph. This one reminded me of Father.

I would appreciate it, and consider it a personal favor, if you would read and comment on each of our interpretations of this photograph.  We are all so delectably deliciously different.  You never know what morsel you might find.  You can jump to each post through this link, Flasher Fiction Friday, or I have them listed like notes on the score from a love song listed below. 

Before you depart, please leave me a comment. Your encouragement means so much to me, but do be honest. Twinkle, twinkle little sorrowful note.
She leaned forward, listening, as the familiar music assaulted her in agonizing waves.  The notes rippled in uncontrollable cascading groups, like oceans of ice cold champagne, over her flesh igniting each nerve long dormant in her heart.

Father was her dance teacher, coach and the first man she ever fell in love with.  He was gone……simply gone. This was his favorite rhapsody. Could … would … the bliss eclipse the mourning?

Her body responded, as the music seduced her sorrows.  She began to stand. The intoxicating melody unfolded the petals of her body as she heard, in a whisper:


So, please follow the writers links listed below and read their interpretations of this wonderful photo. I can assure you that from past experience, we have all written completely something different.  And...isn't that entertainment?


  1. Oh Muffy, you made me cry. This is beautiful :-)

  2. Loved it. Very beautiful, descriptive writing.

  3. I want to cry. This is so beautiful. The emotion you write about her feelings when a piece of music plays is fabulous. Music can be a powerful entity, stirring up all manner of emotions that may lay dormant as well as fond memories. I salute your flasher.

  4. Very interesting Flash! "The intoxicating melody unfolded the petals of her body as she heard, in a whisper:

    ”Dance….”" Exquisite!

  5. oh wow, that is just so touching. Exquisitely written. xxx

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  7. This is a very enthralling flash, there is emotion teeming in every word, phrase and sentence. One word, 'Dance' very powerful. Excellent.

    1. How wonderful to hear from you, Benji! My Tuesday Teaser was to a lovely rendition of "My Funny Valentine". I think you might enjoy that one, too! Thank you for the visit. You are well, I hope....:) xo

  8. Fantastic Muffy, absolutely beautiful. Especially the last two lines!

  9. Awesome job. Gave me chills in a good way. Pulled at my heart for her.

  10. Her sorrow beckons her to dance at her father's request- beautiful revelation for your flash. Wonderful.


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