Friday, September 13, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, September 13, 2013 – American Beauty

Well......I had my trouble with this photograph.  As you know, it is Flash Fiction Friday: 100 words or less about a photo that is not of our individual choosing.  Now, he's a handsome guy, I'll give you that, and he looks like a good kid.......he just didn't speak to me until I felt his boredom.  

What do we all do when we are bored?  I don't know about you, but I entertain myself with something sexy.  So that is just what he did.  

Now, what I implore you to do is to read my little sexnip and leave a comment.  Then saunter over to all my friends who are also writing for your pleasure today based on this very same photo.  See what they came up with.  They can be found at the link above or listed like pageant beauties below, one by one.  But, first........leave me a comment. It's a little like a hug. ((())) 

Here you have it.....................American Beauty.

American Beauty
The pageant contestants snaked from off stage through to the catwalk. They were all breathtakingly beautiful: smiling at me, every one of them, eager……….and I bored. 

My thoughts drifted to you…..drifted into us…

When did I release my heart to you?  Was it the moment you turned your head to greet me and your whirling, rain scented golden locks brushed my cheek?  Was it the warm welcome of both your hands as you grasp mine to embrace your smiling  welcome?  Perhaps the subtle pulse of your heartbeat in the small of your neck made me your prisoner. 

What does it matter now………?



  1. Ah, I like that. Thinking of my loved one sure cheers me up when I'm bored :-)

  2. The last line is heartfelt and I'm guessing he blew it. Lovely flash.

  3. oh wow, love than honest emotion. xx

  4. A lump came to my throat. Reading it makes me put my poetry head on again as I feel for him.
    No other beauty compares to thee
    Or light of love that I still see ...
    I may carry this on

  5. Well Muffy, what did this man to do fuck up his relationship? I want more. Excellent. Real and heartfelt.

  6. I like that you took readers into his head

  7. *heart strings pulled* wow so deep and powerful. Great flash!

  8. I have the gut feeling this person is lamenting the loss of this person in his life if not love. I felt a deep sadness for him in your excellent flow of words from the beginning through the end of your flash.

  9. Beautiful emotion! That was so sweet! Great flash!

  10. Lovely as always my dear. xo



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