Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, June 8, 2012 ~ The Echo of Ordinary Days

TGIFFF !!!  Again, we pursue (hopefully) the impurities of the weekend by jumping off of the cliff we call Flash Fiction Friday.  This is a special day for me because I have decided, based on what I have written here, to expand on this first mere 100 words, based on this simple single photograph, and  enter my friend Ray Sostra's writing competition in his on line magazine, AfterDark Online.  You can follow his antics on Facebook, too,  just by clicking "Like" at AfterDark Online.

Anyway, I was thinking about pivotal moments in our lives, the roads taken and not taken.  Where do they lead us....more importantly, why: into danger, temptation, transformation or an epiphany?  Is it destiny or fate;  do we allow our passions, for whatever they are, to prescribe the ending, our ending?  However the close, the beginning has to start somewhere.  For me, it is here, in The Echo of Ordinary Days

When you are through reading this brief sojourn into my imagination and WIP, please visit the purient pages of my partners this Flash Fiction Friday or bathe in their impressions of this simple photo one at a time listed below.  But, please, please do me first........

The Echo of Ordinary Days

Unlike the enigmatic Spring burst of life, Summer rolled languidly into the echo of ordinary days.   We spent those days in love, in the celebration of life and the exploration of every subtlety and nuance of our bodies.

I can see your face, even in darkness.  Tracing each dip and curve in my memory, the cooling ice held teasingly in my fingertips against your heat disappeared with each kiss. Your heartbeat, in complete harmony with your breath, met my eager lips with anticipation. 

Drinking in your passion, the summer heat slowed our love, but not the inevitable.


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  1. Wow, thank you for the mention and I'm loving it Muffy. It also has a beautiful poetic twist. Excellent FFF!

    1. I am looking forward to finding out where it takes me..........and you:) xo

  2. Lovely post. So sensual and beautifully written.

  3. Beautiful piece Muffy, it touched me and that is the sign of a well written story. People come into our lives for a brief time or sometimes a long time but no matter what they change us. This made me think to enjoy every moment with a person and remember only the good...the beginning and not the "close". :) PS. I also have a "thing" for ice so that was smokin hot to me. ;)

  4. A beautiful Flasher. So different and sensual. Life is so precious. Not a second should be wasted. Love it

  5. Beautiful interpretation Muffy. Makes me want to recall the days of first falling in love.

  6. The first read was beautiful, I keep reading it though and each time I get drawn deeper into your spell. Beautiful flash.

  7. Very poetic and for some reason I'm left with a feeling of...sadness? Very moving.

  8. Wonderful tease, warning of the future. If summer slow and pulls along, and spring is birth, there must be decline and death. Very inspiring.

  9. My God you have expressed love and Romance in a wonderful Poem , Lovely tease and great design of love , Loved it . Thanks Muffy Ji Greetings and Love Jail

  10. This was one very sexy post. Filled with sensuality.. Loved it

  11. This is wonderful, Muffy! Passionate and poetic!

  12. I love the way spin words. So beautiful. The music is lovely too.

  13. Just back from my trip away and had to pop in to see what you'd done with this picture. Beautiful, haunting, sensual and moving. Excellent as always Muffy.


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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