Friday, June 1, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, June 1, 2012 ~ Saving Henry

We few Pupils of Prurient Pedagogy have teamed up for a friendly challenge each week. The objective is for each of us to write our impression, in a 100-word piece, of a single photo.  Joining me today are some of the most talented and artistic, otherwise fantastic, authors who have written their own interpretation of this single picture for Flash Fiction Friday. 

Saunder over to the aforementioned link to read each of the writers clips, or do them one at a time listed below..........but only after you have languished and done me first.  So, now I give you "Saving Henry", a simple short about finding, realizing and perhaps, losing love.....

Saving Henry

Henry approached the platform, but slipped ever so slightly, on his upward bounce. Throwing his timing off, an otherwise practiced, always perfectly executed move caused his head to hit the platform upon decent.  
The horrified gasp from the audience was so heavy of voice; Stan thought it might catch Henry, suspending him in safety.  But, it did not; Henry drifted to the water with the clumsy, slow-motion grace of a ragdoll.
Stan dove into the crisp, cool waters of the pool, his eyes never leaving his falling friend. 
It was only then, his tears buried in Henry's beating heart, he realized he could not live life without him. 


Have a peek up the proverbial purient pedagogical pages of my partners below and see where this photo took them....and where it will take you, today:

Bonni Sansom:
Savannah Chase
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Venus Cahill:
Cyril J. Michael:
Angelica Dawson:
Yvonne Nicolas:
Kendel Davi:
Sherry Palmer:
Sharita Lira writing as BLMorticia:

Naomi Shaw:
Lisa Worrall:


  1. Oh Muffy, I'm tearing up. The pain, the passion, the realization, all bundled up in one hundred short words. Fabulous :)

    1. Thank you, Naomi. I added you and Lisa on my drop down list, you late comers cannot be overlooked.:) xo

  2. Muffy ji thank you so much for sending great message saving human life in emergency circustances . Really it was so touching post loved it , keep it up

  3. LOVING your FLASH FICTION by so many of you!
    You should do a collection/antho!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Cerise. We are considering an antho collection. Thanks so much for the visit and support:) xo

  4. Oh what a heartfelt post. From the first sentence, it drew me right on in. Loved it.

  5. Very heartfelt. I love those kinds of stories. I can't live without you.

  6. Oh No! Powerful and emotive post, great story.

  7. You captured a horrific moment, they were both falling in pain. Excellent flash!!

  8. Thanks very romantic. *sigh* Love it

    SLira aka BLMorticia

  9. Loved the emotions! Loved the romance! Fabulous Flasher.

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you, Cyril. I had 'Only You' by Della Swiss playing for this post. He didn't realize it until it was almost too late:) xo


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