Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dogging, Voyeurs and the Joys of Public Indecency

Chloe Thurlow is totally captivating - again!

 Well, I never knew there was actually a "name" for it. Nor did I know that there was a group of enthusiasts promoting their indulgence.  You know when people say that they would love to be young again only knowing what they know now? Well, this is one of those times. God, but to be young again, 'dogging it'!  Oh, wait.....really, I DID that when I was young to begin with!! My bad and didn't know it....oh, yes, I did. I write about it now!!!

I also  relieved a man of the exorbitant growth and pain in his jeans once in the BACK of an El Camino traveling at breakneck, pardon the pun, speed down the I-5 in California. Speed with need, and he wasn't driving so it was even better!!

Oh, to be young again....or at the very least - single. <3 xo

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