Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, September 23, 2014 ~ Flame of Hunger

Tantalyzing Tuesday beckons once again. Today a sultry, sexy seduction explodes into unbridled passion eager for fulfillment. Would you be as patient for your lover? Would you wait for the Flame of Hunger to extinguish in an impatient, eager embrace?  

In only 200 words, no more no less, see how this photo has inspired me. Then, take a leisurely sojourn to my tasty teasing friends to see what they crafted on this very sexy Tuesday. They are listed, one-by-one, below my piece. Wrap yourself in the seduction of the flames...and the rain. 
Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Flame of Hunger

The moon sliced a path of golden white across the bay waters to the boathouse where you found me waiting. I cannot deny you. The flame of hunger burned in my belly until sated by the passion for you that I endure.

I heard your approach on the footpath. With each step, my heart skipped a beat. Too long apart and too eager to wait, your arms found my trembling body, your hands my auburn curls and you crushed your hungry mouth on mine. Tongue sought tongue, in a magical ensemble of molten twists and turns. My knees betrayed me and I crumbled into your impatient embrace. You caught my descent, eased me gently onto the walk, and whispered your love for me.

Touch me

I arched my back into your hand, my body pleaded for your mouth. I opened my knees baring my passion: wet, yearning, quivering. Without pause, swiftly, you thrust your fevered shaft into my body and filled my need. Until, replete, the rain cooled our passion, we lay and listened to our one heart, beating with the rhythm of the surf.

Oh, so sweet the rain droplets puddled on my skin where your fingertips left a searing impression.

Have a peek at my saucy, steamy playmates and enjoy the fantasy read they have written for your undeniable pleasures:
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  1. oh that last line hits me deep and hard...

    1. Thanks, Raven, for stopping by and reading my work. I hope that was a GOOD deep and hard. xo

  2. Your work has been rather sexy lately .... me like

    1. Thank you , Mangus. It swerves to that lane frequently, in fact, more often than not. Thank you for stopping by and having a visit. Your comments are always very much appreciated. xo

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ray, for spending some of your time here with me. I appreciate the comment and the visit. Xo

  4. love the pic and your words fitted with it perfectly excellent tease

  5. Oh, Muffy you caught that moment of passion beautifully :-)

  6. Oh wow!!! Stupendous fabulous sensual eroticism captured in so few words. You could not better this teaser if you tried. I remain your ardent fan <3


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