Friday, August 1, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, August 1, 2014 ~ Moonlight and Marigolds

Flash Fiction Friday, already!? And August? Unbelievable......I am at a loss as to where the week has gone. But, alas, here we are again, flashing you with our brilliant wordsmithery.

One hundred words based upon a photo common to all the participating authors so each one will be different and special. Don't miss any of them. I have posted the link to the FFF website below and the authors are also listed, one-by-one like jewels on velveteen, if you want to continue to listen to Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra play "Love's Theme".

Mine is based upon the impatience new lovers feel in one another's presence: burning passions, eager fingertips, ravenous mouths. See what you think and do, please, leave comments. They inspire us to do more, to enlighten, to love......Enjoy °*"˜*.✿.*˜"*°

Moonlight and Marigolds

We wasted little time. Dinner was a sensuous arousal of watching hands feeding greedy mouths eating quickly. We knew dessert would be maddeningly played out soon…….in bed.
My key rolled the tumblers in the lock while he pressed his swollen cock impatiently against me from behind, his hot breath on my neck, and palmed my breasts. As the door swung open, he flipped me around and lifted me off my feet, into his arms.
I buried my tongue in his mouth hungrily…..he tasted of mint.
My heel clipped the vase of marigolds as he laid me on the leatherette drenched in moonlight and……..a bed of marigolds.
“Oh, God………..”

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Mangus Khan       Jorja Lovett      Ray Sostre


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  1. Muffy you wasted no time getting to the meat the affair. I felt like a voyeur watching to lovers begin their pursuit too .... hehe

  2. Love it, Muffy. Their passion and desperate need leaps off the page :-)

  3. So arousing and hot snat loved it congrats Muffy Ji

  4. You convey such urgency with every word. Excellent!

  5. Mmmmm love your detailed words. Gave me delightful shivers. :) Great flash!


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