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Tantalyzing Tuesday, July 21, 2014 ~ Fuck Bob

Hey, it is Tantalyzing Tuesday. A bunch of talented authors and writers get together and try to out do one another in only 200 words based upon a photo of their own selection.

I selected a photo that reminded me of my days in San Francisco and a bar-bistro like Fior d'Italia. Ever been there? Well, I have so have a quick read and see what I mean. 200 words goes fast. Then have a rambling sashay over to my prurient partners pages and read how they have taken on the challenge. They are listed one by one, like Martini olive toothpicks, under the group linkie. I like mine wet, but dry..two olives and a bartender with great sixpack. Enjoy...

Fuck Bob

I have wanted to fuck you since the first day you walked in here with Bob. 

I know. So did Bob. 

Really? Who told him, you? 

Yes. I wanted to hurt him; I wanted him to love me and he didn’t. He loved his wife.  All he wanted was to fuck me. 

Is that bad thing? 

Not bad so much as boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex…..and food, wine, movies, picnics in the rain and Ghirardelli chocolate. There is more to me than sex, though that is the best part of me. 

Why tease me if you really just want to be appreciated and not fucked for fucks sake? 

Because I want to have the sex you wanted to have with me the first night you saw me – with Bob. You looked at me like you wanted me, not like you couldn’t wait to fuck me. 

What if I tell you that’s the same thing?  

Well, you'd be wrong because it isn’t the same thing.  

What if I told you it was because you were with Bob; I want everything Bob's got. We can have sex and both fuck Bob at the same time. 

Now I want to fuck you. Fuck Bob.

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  1. Replies
    1. I knew you would appreciate this more than anyone, Philly. Thanks for the visit. Love you. xo

  2. I'll fuck Bob while you two fuck each other. I ;love this dialogue. Great interchange of desire.

    1. Thanks, Pablo! It is lust, revenge, desire all rolled into one. But having you there would be a whoop-ass!! xo

  3. Bob sounds like he's in for a great time.

    1. Revenge is sweet, sure enough. Thanks for stopping by, Julez. xo

  4. What a beautiful way of expressing desires . So loving keep it up muffy Ji Greetings Author Jarnail Singh

    1. Thank you, Jail Ji, for stopping by for a treat. xo

  5. I sure wish I was Bob right about now! I think if you want everything Bob wants, and he has the attention of two fine dames, he's doing something right! I enjoyed this captivating piece and I thank you for waking me up more than coffee! "Now that's saying something!" Much love buddy, read ya laters, and as always, thanks for sharing here my dear friend, write on!

    1. Wake up, Tim!! In to get 'up', in more ways than one! Thanks for coming by for......a pick-me-up. xo

  6. Love the dialogue and I really wanna know what's so special about fuckin' Bob :D


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