Friday, January 24, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, January 24, 2014 ~ Best Buy Schmy!

Flash Fiction Friday means another photograph, common to us all, and another 100 word story ~ no more no less. I don't know about the other authors, but I had trouble with this pic until it came (pardon the pun!!) to me. What do we all HATE the most when writing.......?

Before I tell you, I implore you to read my answer to that frustrating question, leave me a comment, then head over to all the other offerings by my cagey cohorts. You can follow the link above or flit one by beautiful playful one listed below.....Enjoy, it's only 100 words after all!!!
Best Buy Schmy!!
Devon began his slow, long descent into the very essence of ZsiZsu  collecting inspiration with every moan, every breath not taken, every fistful of sheets and stretch of her body upwards for more. Her thighs trembled, her glistening swollen petals an invitation; her hooded pearl stretched to be kissed. She smelled like fresh baked bread and champagne with a hint of gardenia blossoms wafting over him. His hungry fingers slipped…


I hate this new computer! I am in the middle of a very important sex scene and it just ate my last 200 words!!!

How will I recapture Devon devouring me………ah, ZsiZsu?

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  1. Ha ha You had me there with the fabulous description at the start. Great flash :D

  2. Lol! Fantastic flash! And yeah, hate it when that happens :-P

  3. I've been there so many times, even messing up my whole manuscript. You made me laugh because her experience is so true. Now continue with the sex scene.

  4. Lol! Too much. I've been on the edge of a break through this week with my WIP. You captured my feelings perfectly, lol. But before that, your tantalizing descriptive writing was so beautiful. Cool flash.

  5. Love it- unique take on this. I would be very angry to lose my last 200 words.

  6. THIS has to be a writers nightmare has happened to me lol this is great love it wonderful use of this pic......

    hugs T

  7. Knew that was coming.
    I hate that shit!

  8. Haha! The old jumping cursor? I HATE that. Wonderful job, love the misdirection.

  9. Great piece, Muffy. You recaptured my painful memories of lost manuscripts (without the pain, thank you)!

  10. I've got the t shirt lol I was right there with your perfect descriptions. Loved your flash

  11. Great flash and something so many of us can relate to

  12. lol loved this flash. Had me hooked. I loved the twist at the end.


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