Friday, August 30, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, August 30, 2013 ~ Renewal

Today is Flash Fiction Friday.  I have been away and so busy.  I am ashamed that I have not been able to muster more time and self-discipline to indulge myself, and you, in some of my creative juices.  So because of that, I am writing today, when I have a few minutes to indulge myself.  You will come later.

The purpose of this exercise is to write 100 words, no more, no less about a subject photo selected by one of our team.  We all have the same photo, so it is a must that you run round and read how the photo inspired the other author participants.  Their links are listed on our group page, Flash Fiction Friday, or you can click on them one-by-one below.  For me, this photograph inspired that which we all face: the act of daily renewal, the purpose of forging ahead on whatever plane motivates us to do so. 

This one touched me because I have had a tough few months. Everyday has been about starting over and trying to muster the fortitude , the energy, the desire to look the day square in the face and say, "Hell, yes! I can do it!" when I didn't feel like getting out of bed.  Every day, we can do it............enjoy.
It isn’t enough to have failed.

It isn’t
          enough to
                   have tried.
It isn’t enough to weather disappointment.
As another day melts away with the sun into the dark, shrouded embrace of the night, swirls of trash and leaves dance with the wind to celebrate that the trees remain...
I am weary.
My skin to my heart feels
the weight
of my collapse.  
Brandy looks to me with her eager, loving brown eyes; she is sated by just another day in my presence as she curls to warm my feet.
This door will rise tomorrow, awakening me.
It is enough
                to try
So, dear friends, sashay over to my friend's posts and see what they have prepared for you to stick your fingers in and lick.  But not before you leave me a comment. I can't wait.......
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  1. *sniffs a little*

    Beautiful Flash, Muffy!

  2. Never give up! Tomorrow is a new day and you will rise with renewed strength. A beautiful flasher!

  3. Oh well, it touched my heart. It's beautiful, Muffy! we can feel his despair and his hope at the same time. Really REALLY beautiful!

  4. You render me speechless, Muffy. I can relate. Fantastic flash! WOW!

  5. I strongly feel your own emotions written with excellent sensitivity with the words you expressed so beautifully which rendered the images found in poetry. I am with you; To try again.

  6. Very touching there Muffy. You always add emotions to you work. Great post.

    1. Thank you, Ray! Have a peek at today's Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, Here.Now

      I think you'll enjoy that one a wee bit more:) xo


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