Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers, October 23, 2012 ~ Jewelry in a Box

Oh, Teasers..........how much do I love this photograph???  Well, I am about to tell you in 200 words exactly, after that............I cannot be held responsible for whatever I say in the throes of heated passion.  Nor can I be accountable for what I may do, if played like a fine instrument.  I am beginning to quiver me timbers just thinking about it!!

So.............Do have a slow and fevered read over this hot, little story.  Stay awhile, reread me and finger the pages.  Can you smell my perfume, feel my presence surround you, eagerness engulf you?  My moist, warm feathered breath on your neck tickles your core into a response, does it not?  Well, now sufficiently "peaked," perhaps you'll please go have a saucy saunter over to my fiery friends pages and see what they have prepared for your indulgence.  Follow the link here, TantalyzingTuesdayTeaser, or knock them up - ooops, off!- one by one below. But, before you go, please honour me with a comment or more; a kiss before you leave would be my pleasure............xo 

Jewelry in a Box

I released a soft, muffled moan as he rubbed his fingertips over his handiwork.   As always, the newly trimmed beauty of my velveteen box fascinated him and after grooming me, his resistance finally waned.
“Ah, you have the most perfect slice of womanhood…it beckons to me every time I shave you,” he said in a whisper, his face mere inches from my eager petals and buried pearl. His hot breath felt like a bellow fanning my anticipation.
He slipped his fingers, one at a time, into my wet impatience until he had buried three long fingers to the hilt of his knuckles then curled them up into a fervent question mark.  His baby finger deftly found the pearl of my centre and quickly feathered the hooded jewel until fully erect, hard and straining for more attention.  While he pressed his fingertips upwards into the core of my passion, he played me as he would any fine instrument; he watched the rhythm and sounds overtake my total surrender.
“Ohhhhh, God….you torture me with your wicked touch …” He took his work very seriously; by the time he was through, I took his work very seriously, too. 
Voluntarily, my hips rose to meet his kiss .

Now, go see what lovely pleasures my fiery friends have waiting for you to feed your voracious purient appetite.  Click the link above or follow them one by one, like curled fingers of pleasure, below.  Bye for now...:) xo

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  1. Ohhh Muffy, thou dost tease to extreme. A true box of treasures described so eloquently by you in a mere 200 words. I loved reading the sensuous descriptions. Loved it my friend <3

  2. Oh So wonderful my god never seen such amazing photograph , The post so hot and juicy that I felt As If my own fingers were moving side by side , Thank you Muffy Ji you have made my day loved this so much .xo Jail

  3. Author Tim Weaver

    Ouu baby I love your way, this is so sensual, as fingertips softly play. You have crafted some beautiful lines of art to go along with such a puuurrrfect photo you sweet and sexy one who takes the reader out of control. I love this. Muah~ (Thanks for sharing you!) :)

    Love Tim xo xo

  4. I am so excited to read this book and I am loving it. Thanks for the heads up!!

  5. Wow! That was a read. Muffy, very expressive and I have to say what a HOT post!

  6. Maybe we should title yours tempting tuesday. Fantastic imagery. Wow!

  7. Sigh, lost Muffy in your powerful descriptions, l found myself surrendering fully to your words, always a beautiful, erotic work of art! Superb!

  8. Muffy, these 200 words, written with such beauty and vivid detail. Descriptions were perfect. I think this is one of your best Teasers. Very fitting title too.

  9. PHEW!!! That was the most wonderfully erotic of teases Muffy. Your words and the picture go together so perfectly x

  10. Muffy, as always you have a way with words that caress and arouse the soul. That erotic tease has left me tingling from head to toe with the descriptions. Talk about needing ice! I'm weak in the knees now. Loved it! <3

  11. Wow! A delicate, yet powerful seduction! Incredible!

  12. Hey Muffy, I don't know if you participate in the Facebook group but I posted your link there just in case. Others should have the priveledge of reading you! Also, I added you to my participating authors list on Wordpress and will do so on Blogger too. :)

    1. You are too kind, thank you! Yes, I do write for Flash Fiction Friday and the Tantalyzing Tuesday Groups. I haven't in a couple of months, but most of the posts on this blog are for both groups. I, too, posted a link to yours on my page. I loved it. My battery died before I could post a comment, but I thought it full of passion and heat. Such descriptive volatility....just wonderful. Let's stay in touch!:) xo

    2. Oh, have a quick peek at May 8, 2012........one of my favs: La Luna Passionata...:) xo


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