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Flash Fiction Friday, August 3, 2012 ~ Never Again

Today is Flash Fiction Friday, or yesterday was, anyway.  I am running late, but coming.  Some days, I just cannot get out of my own way and yesterday was one of those rare days.  It has been busy at work and I tormented at not being able to do the one thing that gives me the most pleasure: write to your Flash Fantasies, in one hundred words or less based upon this photograph below.

So, today .... I am vilifying my dear friend Julez S. Morbius, without his consent I might add.  I dare say, I don't think he will mind as he knows I adore both him and his work.  He is one of the very talented writers participating in today's flash challenge, so do have a visit to his blog and read the BD/sm morsel he wrote for today.  Yummy.  But first, before you leave me, have a dip in my heartbreak pool and cool off.  Enjoy:) xo

Never Again

He threw himself on her mercy, crying with a soulful loss at her feet.
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry………….please, please forgive me” came in waves as he pleaded.
She looked down at him, not with contempt but love, and stopped dressing to attend to his prayer.  She sighed softly then dropped her hand tenderly to his head to comfort his pain.  Tears brimming, she spoke quietly.
“No, Julez, not this time.”
“Please…” he sobbed in a whisper, “Please.  If I could, I would have stopped……………”
“But, you didn’t……….and you will fail yet another time.”
“I’ll do anything for you…”
“No, you won’t.  Never again…………….”


Now, have a leisurely stroll over to the other Pupils of Prurient Pedagogy and have a read of their flash creations for your pleasure.  Follow their links below or go to our blog where we are listed for all the world to see at Flasher Fiction Friday.  But first.........Please leave me a comment.  I am near dripping with eagerness to hear what you have to say.......:) xo

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Photo accredition by Naomi Shaw from Bigstock


  1. Ooooh powerful stuff. I felt the pain and despair in his voice knowing he had done wrong. Also the anger and disappointment welling up in her. Such a deep sadness to this flasher. I loved it. I am so in awe of your writing Muffy

  2. Oh Muffy ji thank you so much for this wonderful and differet Flash fiction , Really so loving and apologying photograph . Loved it .

  3. He's lying and I was just starting to feel bad for him when he says, "If I could, I would have stopped..." Ha, she's smart to cut him off. Emotional roller, well done.

  4. Aw l feel sorry for him, but l am a wuss! powerful, emotive writing Muffy. I am curious as to what he's done!

  5. Oh, I feel sorry for him! Can't she give him another chance? He's only human after all! Don't be mean...

    1. SHe already has. It is with a breaking heart that she finally releases herself from the torture of his repeated offenses.

  6. Wonderful post. Sobbed in a whisper . . . so powerful.

  7. Hmm, I wonder what he did... was it so egregious he can't be forgiven?

    1. Not so much what he did, but that he did it again and couldn't be trusted not to another time in the future. Some of us are victims of our own proclivities and passions, whatever those may be. Mine is chocolate, owever, I however, I only punish myself in my indulgence.

  8. Bummer for him. Too bad she won't give him just one last chance.


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