Sunday, December 4, 2011


Pushed up against the wall of the bedroom, I take you with nothing but raw need. Yes, powerful need that makes me just want to push your spine against the wall, raise your hips and impale you with my hugely engorged cock.  And God damn it, I am hard yet again...

 I have your legs parted and your hips against the wall.  I bend my knees just slightly and ram the full length of my cock up inside you and you are so fucking wet, baby, it just slides in to the hilt.  Iam balls deell in your delicious open hungry pussy and I hold it there; oh yes, right there; for a few presious, magic and stunning moments before I begin the thrusting and the pushing, the long rythmic in and out and in and out and in and out.  Oh God, your pussy is so burning hot it is scorching my cock as I push as far up into you as I can then pull back until the slick fat purple head just brushes your outter lips before he slams up inside you again and again.


I…I am so deep in you it feels as if my huge fat swollen balls are up inside you.  They are slickly wet; covered with the juices that seem to stream out of your stretched and filled pussy. Over and over, I literally dive into you.  Your face has become a distant mask of passion; here, yet not here. You are in another dimension, riding my stiff plunging cock like a Valkyrie riding in the clouds astride a winged steed.  Your jaw is slack, your breathing loud, loud as a cannon roar, panting, moaning, coming up from your lungs so that it's a deep husky roar. 


And my husky voice whispers your name...............

"David, David.............more, deeper, harder. I want you inside me



And I want to be there, to stay there, to live there; with my cock absolutely buried up inside your center; at your core, feeling your essence.

And then Baby, there is no turning back, nor would we wish to. We both begin to cum; to fire, to launch, to leave the earth and seemingly leave our feet. My thick precious semen rumbles deep in my balls screaming for release and rockets out of my cock deep, deep into you. Your body is wracked, lurching, spasming as you cum in heavy tidal waves of orgasm.

We are pinned to the wall, unable to do anything but ride out this cataclysmic rush of fire and ice; love and lust. Oh my God, I feel as I am going to cum forever and I shoot two three four long streams of my hot sperm up and up and up to you. We are awash in our juices and they are pooled, yes pooled at our feet and they run down our legs. Oh MY GOD, Oh yes, oh yes, oh no, don't ever ever ever stop...

We stop. We breath. We are against the wall and it drips behind you and a stream of cum, our cum, runs down the wall.  

I pull from you and look into your just-opening eyes. We do not need to speak. I ease my cock from your once wide-open, but now clenching pussy and kneel before you in our pooled juices. And I begin to lick slowly, up the insides of your thighs, taking our love into my mouth and continuing my journey up to your still parted and enflamed ruby red lips.   I look up at you , smile and begin to lick and suck what remains of our juices out of your ravaged pussy.  I drink deeply of US and let it slide around my lips and run out over my mouth and chin.  I rise to my feet and kiss you deeply, so deeply, our juices, our cum passing from my mouth to yours and back again.  Both our faces now stream as our thighs so.  I push up against you and I am here...




  1. Hi Muffy Oh!oooo so hot and juicy , really I enjoyed each moment and rythem of hot wet pussy and so loving cock dancing to the tunes of passionate moans and groans , really wonderful. Congrats Muffy ji you are always different


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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