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Thursday Taster, January 22, 2014 ~ The Para-Portage of Emily

Who among us doesn't enjoy a hot bath after a long and tiring day?  Emily certainly does.....and did, indeed. You'll remember Emily, from "The Para-Portage of Emily"?  Now, this is Thursday Taster so before you leave, please read my excerpt then hop on over to all the other author's to have a 'taste' of what inspires them to write just for you.

You'll remember this is a continuation of my WIP and the truth is that she had just discovered the shadows created by light and dark.  Furthermore, Emily discovered she liked it there, too, and became a prisoner of the shadow’s seduction.

Emily paid no attention to the time as she enjoyed the healing affect of the bath.  Her full breasts floated in the warm water, soothed.  She enjoyed the aromatic elevation of her spirit and she relaxed completely.  Her back felt massaged; the muscles in her legs unraveled slowly and peacefully.  The water stroked her lovingly and surrounded her body in a sensual caress.  She slipped further into the water to get closer to the sensation.  Her now supine legs were utterly relaxed; she eased her knees.  She imagined a lover touching her all over as she dozed, indulging in her every fantasy embrace.  Her spirit seemed to rise above her watching her respond to each loving stroke.  She thought she could almost see hands beneath the water as the surface rippled from movement.
The Para-Portage of Emily

The truth is that Emily had discovered the shadows created by light and dark. Furthermore, she discovered she liked it there, too. She had still been in control of her destiny then, but not anymore. In fact, she became a prisoner of the shadow’s seduction…

The hours passed and Emily slept to the crackling sounds of the fire. And then, she dreamed…

A young woman ran from a man pursuing her. He collected the young woman in his arms in the foyer of this house and they entered the library, in one another’s arms. He took her to the couch, where Emily slept, and placed her down gently. As the man indulged himself in the sweet specter of her breasts, his right hand dropped between the young woman’s legs and gently, inch by slow inch, raised her full hem and petticoats until he found the naked treasure he sought.


The room was nearly dark, save the floor lamp above Emily's waking head. The fire embers glowed a vibrant red, hot orange-gold and burning blue-white-yellow against the black shadowed backdrop of the firewall. She composed herself and straightened her clothes. She allowed a lone hand to search between her legs for evidence of this consuming dream. She had actually cum in her sleep, while immersed in the vivid vision. She languished, rolled and stretched into the memory, holding onto the pleasant remains of the dream, smiling intimately to......…to herself and her shadow lover.
It had felt so real to her; who was he?
“...and when will he return?”

After she awoke from her nap, Emily climbed the wide, oak curved staircase carrying the bottle of wine and juggling the suitcases with Barkley leading the way.  The handrail was smooth; she barely felt it, save the cool-to-the- touch feel of the wood.  She found herself thinking, as she ascended the stairs, about all the textures in the house; the stone, wood, tapestries and artwork were sensual to her.  The colors of the walls were deep and male; the furniture was rich and sumptuous.  She was overwhelmed, sated and tired from her long, frustrating day of travel.  All she could think of was a hot bath and a warm bed for herself and a cozy spot for Barkley.  The house was actually three stories, which she had not noticed.  She hadn’t the strength to explore the third floor; she really just wanted a bed and a bath.  

She poked around the second floor, examining the bedrooms.  She decided of the six bedrooms, she would take the master bedroom since it had a private bath and much larger quarters.  It might be easier to keep this area warm when she was done downstairs at the end of each day.  Barkley seemed to approve; he jumped on the bed and frolicked in the satin and velvet bed linens.  He made her laugh as he played and burned off some pent up energy.   

She placed the suitcase on the bench at the end of the bed footboard and went to the bath ensuite to drop her personal case and the wine.  She lit a few candles after she started her bath.  Returning to the bedchamber, she unpacked.  Her uncle’s belongings were still in place and, quite suddenly, she felt like an interloper, invading his privacy.  She resisted the urge to run, called upon her steely reserves and moved his things to lower drawers and pushed his hanging clothes to the right.  While she unpacked, her bath was drawing and Barkley had exhausted his energy, softly snoring in a curl on the bed.  

The bedroom glowed with the soft light; it was comforting and she felt embraced, safe, protected.  She exhaled softly. Her clothes felt a part of her flesh; she had worn them for so long.  She peeled them off in the bathroom, which was stone, travertine and marble with gold appointments.  It was lushly male but appealingly anointed with a feminine touch.  The tub was a deep, soaking tub, big enough for three people.  She pondered whether or not her uncle had ever enjoyed two other women in the tub at one time while she slipped her big toe in to test the temperature.   

She could almost hear her pores sigh in unison to the soothing relief as she submerged herself in the warm enveloping water.  The candles she lit glowed gently and softly on the tub’s surround.  She smelled a fragrant potpourri, which struck her as odd.  Kirby did not seem like the type of man that would think of her sensual pleasures when trying to stock the house for her visit.  It was one more thing that seemed curious to her; one more thing that did not fit but felt wonderful.  She would think about that tomorrow, took a sip of wine and she closed her eyes… 

She drifted in a trance, it seemed.  She paid no attention to the time as she enjoyed the healing affect of the bath.  She had allowed her arms to slip into the water beside her lithe, aching body.  Her full breasts floated in the warm water, soothed.  She enjoyed the aromatic elevation of her spirit and she relaxed completely.  Her back felt massaged, released of the driving tension as the muscles in her legs unraveled slowly and peacefully.  She felt like a languid feline, calming from a purposeful day.  The water stroked her form lovingly and surrounded her body in a sensual caress.  It felt so real, she slipped further into the water to get closer to the sensation.  Her now supine legs were utterly relaxed; she opened her knees.  She imagined a lover touching her all over as she dozed, indulging her every fantasy embrace.  

Her spirit seemed to rise above her watching her respond to each loving stroke.  She thought she could almost see hands beneath the water as the surface rippled from movement.  The dream was pleasant; she was calmed as she encouraged the reverie.  Beads of perspiration formed on her brow and upper lip.  She gave herself over to the total sense of sensual release. She imagined her hands gently rubbing herself between her legs, gliding up her taunt stomach to her breasts, full and round, slippery from the oils in her bathwater.  She was lost in a dream, suspended on clouds of corporeal relief. She felt her response coming in mounting waves. She felt hot and open to the water’s touch. She pressed her knees wide apart; her velvet folds were completely exposed and open to the caressing water.  As she released herself into her orgasm, she moved and raised her buttocks, pushing her womanhood into the hand between her legs.  She shuttered and quivered as the red-white explosions came alternately, over-whelming her.

As she relaxed and calmed herself, she found her hands were gripping the sides of the tub nowhere near the soft excited mound where her legs met. She looked at her hands, perplexed; she dropped them to her sides, then turned her head and closed her eyes again. She swam in the warm sensations of her orgasm for a while longer, coasting on an ethereal haze. Finished, she stepped from the tub and wrapped herself in the comfort of a plush terry cloth towel. She poured herself some more wine as she watched the water drain from the immense tub.  In the flickering candlelight and shadows of the bathroom, she thought she saw an image in the swirling, warm water but tossed off the thought as nonsensical. 

The light and dark created the sensual, breathing shadows.
...And she knew she was not alone.


  1. Your vivid descriptions created a sensuous, erotic but mysterious tone to her settling into her uncle's house. Is he alive or dead? Is he the person who seems to be with her? You developed a scene full of sensuality and the hint of someone close arousing her curiosity. Beautifully described..

  2. Fab teaser. I love the sensuality. Excellent visuals. I could almost sense the different textures. I just gotta know who else is there ;)

  3. Wow! Truly hot, wet, and teasing! With your depictions, I was right there, seeing the interior and feeling the warmth and the plush, terrycloth towel. I'm dying to know who or what was with her! More! More!

  4. Oh that last line got me. :)

  5. Beautifully written! Love your descriptions. :)

  6. Absolutely delicious! You touch a deep, thrumming core with this... I think it's time for a nice, warm bath. :P

  7. Love a good bath, me, and love reading about someone as lovely as Emily in one, never mind what delicious fantasies are filling her mind. Wonderfully sensual, Muffy, with a breath-catching finish.


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