Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, January 7, 2014 – Life of She

Tantalyzing Tuesday arrives on the heels of 2013 with a commitment to be more wicked, more sensuous and more addicting. My sexy New Year's Resolutions are to tempt and tease, wet your appetites with insatiable desire and then leave you wanting more....of me and my prurient partners.

So, on that note, why not start the year with a view into the psyche of the mysterious female creature. Most have no idea that we are unpredictable, fiercely protective and passionate beyond description. My missive is 200 words, no more no less, based upon the photograph below.  

Once you have peeked into my passionate parlor, do have a sashay over to the other participating authors on the link above or I have them easily found listed below.  Enjoy and if you do, please leave me a comment.....Ciao, bebe.

Life of She
Inside soft tender curves, a supple eager body and gentle touch is an instinctual creature capable of eviscerating a threat to her family or a menace to her children. Her heart is wild with a longing to run free but a natural instinct to love, mate for life and nest. She is an erotic being in a constant struggle of contradictions appealing to all with her loving seduction.

Her character is born from a wild spirit which is beautiful, protective, nurturing, irresistible, loyal. She is the hunted and the hunter, captured and yet untamed.  She has an innate sense of intuition fully capable of visions unseen, anticipating determination, weakness or desire. 

She has spiritual powers with the heart of a Shewolf: pure, zealous and singularly sumptuous. Her scent commands desire, her breath ignites passion and her confident movements are sensually fluid.

She will reach out with an enigmatic attraction sealed in a mysterious magnetic abandon. She is irresistible as the Moon is to the Sun, Life is to Death and Obsession is to Love.  To have her is to ride a current of comfortable happiness and loving shelter yet freefall into unpredictable, uncontrollable passion.

Is she Woman or Wolvess……..or perhaps both?

Participating Authors


  1. Beautiful. Sensuous and creative descriptions that leaves you wondering about She. I'd love to read more about her.

  2. Hear me roar!

    Great tease, Muffy. Loved it, and I think She is both, at least I'm pretty sure I am!

  3. What a beautiful teaser of woman s wild desires fantasies and fears . Really so amazing Loved this post thank you Muffy Ji

    Jarnail Singh

  4. Beautiful description...I was lost in your words. Loved it!

  5. What a captivating tease. Beautiful descriptions as always, Muffy :-)

  6. A very good piece that captivated the minds. Nice job.

  7. Excellent writing, full of passion and description :)

  8. Whether woman or she-wolf, I'm not messing with her! Gorgeously written, Muffy. Loving the power of She.

  9. This is so beautiful my friend...I have to admit this touched me deeply my beautiful friend...thank you for sharing this with me... I think you have already lived up to your new year resolution... ;-)

  10. Beautifully written tease, as always, Muffy

  11. I love this story ..it would make a delicious book Muffy.


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