Monday, January 27, 2014

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser, January 28, 2014 ~ Compound Interest

In search of Tantalyzing Tuesday Teaser inspiration, I reflected upon the conditions, and results, of turning to the wrong people for help when one is young, inexperienced and new to the world. There are predators who lay in wait for the right opportunity to become the wrong person you turn to when in need. This is a short 200 word story based on the photo below about a past that comes back to collect on debts owed.

Please leave me a short comment, if you feel moved to do so, then indulge yourself in the musings from other creative authors who have selected a photo and written a 200 word teaser to titillate, tempt, terrorize or thrill you in one way or another. Some of us are dyed in the wool erotic writers so be may be headed into seedy, saucy, sexy waters. Enjoy each and every one at the link below or listed below like a wanted poster, but...Enjoy!!

Compound Interest
The Senator-Elect’s wife walked into the room with an air of confidence and gardenia. Standing in silk, satin and Versace, she started to remove her kid gloves, a look of distain casting a dark shadow over her beautiful Mediterranean features.

“Bobby”, a deep breath of ill-placed privilege followed.

“Peaches….” he smiled with assurance.
“I am addressed as Mrs. Lancaster, now, Bobby. What do you want?”

“I want the return-on-my-investment.  And I am here to collect it.”

“You can’t possibly be serious. ”

“You must think I am…you’re here,” he replied, crossing his legs.

“It’s been….How did you find......?” a small crack in her voice revealed the broke, pregnant college freshman she once was.

“……twenty-one years. Does it really matter?"

Bobby rose, closed the distance between them in but a few long strides, and sighed. He placed his long black fingers at her throbbing, alabaster temple and gently pushed the soft-auburn curls from her face then traced the elegant curve of her cheek down her face, along her jawline to the hard-pounding, heated pulse in the small of her throat, where he placed his thumb.  She flushed with panic.

"You owe me $350.00 and twenty-one years compound interest. So….it’s you or a Senator.”




  1. What happen next ???....Damn Muffy your going to make me wait ???? Love this story need more!!!!!

  2. you HAVE to go on.. pretty please. Pretty please with bells on.

  3. Excellent tease that really needs expanding on

  4. Fantastic story. I loved how you teased with but a few words of interaction between her and bobby to reveal your story. Ah, blackmail and passion between them is strongly evident that tells there is still a bond between them. I would like to see you expand this in the same style and brief hints to reveal to the reader her her past, present and future. Powerful tease.

  5. Oh wow, this screams a longer story. Please write it! Menacing and enthralling. I loved it!

  6. well done great job.... could see this happening .... see the scene played out in my head very well.... hugs T

  7. No!!! No!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It can't end there. It just can't! Oh my goodness I am teased and frustrated now!

  8. It's surprising how much a 200 word tease can draw a reader in...

  9. Both sinister and intriguing. I love it! So are you gonna tell us what happens next at some point?

  10. Wonderfully written stuff, Muffy - powerful and passionate, sexy and dangerous. It has class all over it and darkness at its heart. Love it.

  11. Oh wow! Powerful stuff, filled with class. I'd love to know the outcome of this tricky situation. Do tell


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