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Whateverland by Zachary Richards @aripub ~ *FREE* Download from Ari Publishing

Zachary Richards

Jim “Gam’pa” August was living the dream. Recently retired and financially comfortable, he spent his care-free days in the company of his four-year-old grandson Bosco O’Bama the Third. Together they enjoyed all the amenities of Jim’s personal amusement park, Whateverland. They rode horses and interacted with the many animals who roamed free in the Land o’ Jungles. Were awestruck by the amazing demonstrations in Land o’ the Future and thrilled by the rides and games of chance in the Land o’ the Midway. 
Yes, Jim was living the dream and heartily embraced every minute spent there with his red-haired, gapped-toothed, amazingly brilliant grandson. 

There was only one problem. 

None of it was real.

Nearly a year earlier Jim contracted a life-threatening viral infection whose high fever ravaged his brain and neuro-pathways, leaving him with intermittent memory loss, vivid long-term hallucinations and an inability to fully function in the real world.

His two adult daughters, Anne and Eleanor, tended to his needs and kept him out of trouble during his “hallucinatory excursions”. But now, with his condition worsening, and them undergoing life-changing experiences of their own, their everyday life is spinning out of control.

When a period of clarity is brought about by a new experimental drug, Jim is stunned to see the devastation his illness has had upon his loved ones and determinedly sets out to make things right before time runs out.

Zackary Richards lives in upstate New York. His first success, Frostie the Deadman won the Writer's Voice Award for best young adult novel and was later published by Burns Publishing. He has since written several new books including a follow up to Frostie the Deadman titled 'Half Moon Falls' which has been published by Ari Publishing. 

In addition he also has several non-fiction novels titled Divorce-The Middle Aged Man's Survival Guide, How to Write. Publish & Market Your Novel into a Bestseller, The Marriage Rules, How to Start Over, Rebuild your Mind, Body & Finances and five adult fiction novels, Noon-The Rise to Power, The Messiah Complex, The Dead Machine, a collection of his most popular short stories titled Storytime and his most recent, Noon 2: The Resurgence

In addition all of his non-fiction novels are available as audio books through See for new releases. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars
This story of Jim “Gam’pa” August was a mixture of fantasy, epic adventure, heart-tugging sorrow and laugh out loud moments. So many times, I found myself 
smiling while tears welled behind my eyes.
The world Jim August lives in, also known as Whateverland, is not real. However, Jim does not realize it. Trapped inside the broken recesses of his mind, Jim’s memories misfire, and bits and pieces of his life are rewired, producing a false environment. A poignant passage spoken by the caretaker hired by Jim’s daughters, Anne and Eleanor, sums up the crux of the story line:
“A doctor once told me the brain is like a computer, and like a computer, when the brain contracts a virus, the information it stores becomes corrupted, causing a number of completely unrelated files, that is, memories, to merge.”
The story is told through Jim’s skewed perspective and the eyes of his daughters. My heart broke for the girls as they struggle to understand and cope with their father’s diminishing mental state, all while trying to maintain their own lives.
Tight dialogue, vivid imagery and full of plenty heart-wrenching pages, Whateverland showcases the talent of the author and was thoroughly enjoyable.

5.0 out of 5 stars
I want to shout to the world, “Read “Whateverland!” It has to be the most captivating and heart rendering story I have read in years. It is brilliant and beautiful. Yes, I cried through parts of it, but I left the adventure with a big smile pasted on my heart. This book needs to be grabbed up by the likes of Steven Spielberg and star Tom Hanks or an actor who has yet to make a name for himself. It wasn’t just a good book, it was a vivid and moving experience my heart will long remember.

5.0 out of 5 stars
By Sully
While "Whateverland" was difficult for me, initially, it was an ultimately rewarding read. I especially liked the fact that, while tackling the subject of brain injury/illness, it does so in a believable way. It sidesteps the usual solipsism (that now banal twist, "Oh my god! You mean it was all I his head the whole time?!?)typical of these kinds of stories and plays straight with the reader. 
Which, in a way, is a twist itself. 

5.0 out of 5 stars
Clever and entertaining, all rolled into one. Though fiction, this story takes an unusual look into dementia by revealing the world created by Jim, a devoted father, that is a blend of his past life  and present surroundings. Although the book contains some of the author's penchant for action, tension, and tight dialogue, overall it's a great departure that features his strong 
sense of humor and wild imagination.

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