Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasers ~ The Theory of Ice by @sexymuffywilson

I was thinking about pivotal moments in our lives, the roads taken and not taken. Where do they lead us....more importantly, why: into danger, temptation, transformation or an epiphany? Is it destiny or design;  do we allow our passions, for whatever they are, to prescribe the ending, our ending? However the close, the beginning has to start somewhere. For me, today, it is here in The Theory of Ice.

When you are through reading this brief sojourn into my imagination, please visit the prurient pages of my partners this Tantalyzing Tuesday or bathe in their creative expressions of the photo they selected one at a time listed below.  

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 9 1/2 Weeks
Kim Bassinger, Mickey Rourke

Unlike the enigmatic Spring burst of life, Summer, slow to make her appearance, rolled languidly into the echo of ordinary days.  We spent those long, unhurried days in love, embraced in the celebration of life and the exploration of every subtlety and nuance of our bodies.

There were no secrets, nothing held in reserve as we discovered our most intimate desires with trailing fingers behind silken tongues, hungry murmurs and breathless kisses. The air in our candlelit sanctuary hung heavy with our scent, witness to spent passions, take-out containers and fallen soldiers of champagne reflecting the starlight in our eyes.

I can see your face, moonlight your halo. Tracing each dip and curve, the cooling ice held teasingly in my fingertips against your heat disappeared with each kiss. Your heartbeat, trembling in your lips and in complete harmony with your breath, met my eager mouth with anticipation—expectation. 

The hazy, crazy fascination we held for each other was unrelenting—addicting. There was always more and where there was more, there were no boundaries.

It was too much and not enough all at once.

Drinking in our obsessions, the summer heat slowed our love, but not the fire within.

Your kiss fevered my surrender…
© Muffy Wilson

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I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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