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Mr. & Mrs. Average Joe 3 Book Series by J.F. Silver @jf_silver ~ Series Promo

J. F. Silver

  We never know which road life will take us down. J. F. always wanted to write but a lifetime of work and family happened, passing all too quickly while his dream got pushed aside. Who knew, all these years later, that his passion would return in the form of hot group sex stories? He’s so grateful to be able to share them and loves dreaming up new fantasies for his characters to experience.

   Today, he lives in Wisconsin with the love of his life, his soul mate, and the inspiration for all his work. Besides sex and writing about it, his passions include baseball, music, playing the drums, his two daughters and especially, spoiling his grandchildren. He never gave up on his dream of being a writer. He just took the scenic route. 

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Book 1

Can sex really get better with age? For Joe and Elaine, an average couple married a long time, the answer is definitely yes! After thirty years together they begin experimenting with others and discover a whole new world of pleasure. An unexpected three-way leaves them curious and wanting more. When Elaine suggests a search for playmates, they meet John and his sexy Asian wife, Mika. Sparks ignite from the start for the women and two lucky husbands get to come along for the ride. Things get hotter with each visit and as fantasies are fulfilled, the couples become much more than just friends, proving that age is just a number. 

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      Meeting these new friends was exciting. Who’d have thought we would actually do something like this? For Elaine especially, it was quite an awakening. Both of these encounters found her getting intimate with other women, and she really liked it. She didn’t worry about turning gay or bisexual. She just felt liberated and liked that, too. Her feelings for me didn’t change a bit, but her desire did, in a good way. She thought a lot about Mika and how hot it had been with her, and I was so grateful to reap the benefits.

  But I also realized that our experiment with another couple didn’t end quite the way we expected. We didn’t actually swap partners in the traditional sense and most of sexual fireworks were between Elaine and Mika. There was an undeniable physical attraction, but Elaine also wanted to get to know Mika better as a person and a friend. She knew there was a lot more there than just sex. The night with Renee was certainly memorable, but it was purely about lust and sex. Mika was someone Elaine connected with. 
   At first we didn’t want to seem too eager to get together again. Not to worry. Mika called Elaine the next day to tell us what a great time they had. We made plans for dinner in two weeks, again a Saturday night at their house. Elaine was happy about that but also knew the evening would probably end in a similar way. That would definitely keep her mind occupied. 

"Well written, hot and interesting….so nice to see a sexy and romantic story about adults who aren't in their 20's & 30's. Like wine you just get better with experience and age.”

“There just aren't many books out there that have couples my age so this was a great read for me. The sex in this book was VERY HOT!”

“Thank you, J.F. Silver for writing an erotic story with characters I can actually relate to!”

                                                        Book 2

Just how close can two happily married couples become? Joe and Elaine, along with their “friends with benefits,” Mika and John, return for the second helping of “Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe.” Away from the bedroom, the four souls share mutual pleasures while discovering new and exciting passions. Another fantasy is fulfilled when a night out results in a sexy surprise reunion with a very special friend. But things really heat up as the couples begin celebrating birthdays together. Age is just a number but hitting the half century mark has never been hotter than this.

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    Mika stepped away, walking back over to the tray. She turned toward John and me. “Are you guys enjoying this?” she asked us. We just smiled at each other and shrugged. Of course we were and we also knew she was just getting warmed up. Staring back at Elaine, she picked up the candle. Her gaze shifted to Elaine’s pussy, which was seriously wet with anticipation. Elaine loved playing with hot wax and told me she hoped this was why she’d been asked to shave. Mika slowly walked back, holding the candle out in front of her. “Would you like some of this?” she asked into her ear. 

   “Yes, please!” Elaine begged. Mika leaned over, picked up the crop from the bed, then dropped to her knees. Elaine moaned loudly when Mika began rubbing all around her pussy with the crop, squirming and struggling with her confinement for the first time. Mika teased her like crazy, making sure Elaine’s clit was fully aroused. She slapped it softly at first, then gradually harder, Elaine gasping with each stroke.

Mika looked up into her eyes. “Are you ready?” she asked. Elaine bit her lower lip and nodded. Mika carefully positioned the candle between her legs and tipped it slowly. 

   “Oh God, I love it!” Elaine cried out, the hot wax hardening quickly as it headed right for her clit. Mika was very precise tonight, twice pouring out wax and nailing her target each time. Elaine was visibly straining to keep it together and was seriously close to a huge climax. That would wait though since Mika wasn’t done playing.  Still on her knees, she set the candle down and admired her work for a few seconds before taking great pleasure in destroying it. She used the crop again, slapping Elaine’s clit until the wax started breaking off. Elaine moaned and closed her eyes, thrashing about helplessly as Mika tortured her in the best possible way. Eventually, she tossed the crop and started peeling away the remaining wax with her nails, fully aware of how close Elaine was.

"This is a must, must read..... It was erotic, hot, and sizzling. You will not be disappointed. Go get it now!”

“I enjoyed the fact that the main characters are average people with the same problems and challenges that anyone can identify with. Add to that fact, their age, and you have an erotic and realistic novel that gives hope that active sexuality can last into your eighties! Yay!!!”

Book 3

While celebrating a year of incredible fun together, Elaine proposes a new challenge for Joe and their friends, Mika and John. Each gets to choose an activity they’re passionate about and the other three must come along for the ride. How far out of your comfort zone would you go for your friends? Later, when a financial crisis threatens to postpone a much anticipated birthday party, the four lovers face a tough decision. Will their string of celebrating special milestones be broken? And what happens when Joe and Elaine are tempted by masked strangers at a sizzling Halloween Ball? Find out in Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe’s sexiest adventure yet!  
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   Other couples we knew got together and went out to dinner, a movie or bowling. We did some of those things but our favorite group activity was a bit more personal. The intimacy we shared was surely the heart of our relationship and for us it was a healthy and even spiritual experience. The four of us had a special connection that couldn’t be explained or denied and it only made our marriages stronger. We got together the following Friday night to take care of our sexual desires.

   Neither Elaine nor Mika ever admitted something happened that Sunday on the boat. If they felt guilty, it didn’t show but each took a dominant approach, Elaine with John and Mika on me. We started in the family room where Elaine undressed John and orally ravished him. Mika began massaging my back while we just watched them at first. Elaine used her mouth and tongue all over him, licking his earlobes, neck and nipples as she worked her way down. John looked right at Mika as she removed my shirt and began using her bright red nails to scratch and tease me. He moaned pleasurably when Elaine took his cock deep into her mouth. 

   Still watching, Mika leaned down and whispered, “I love how she uses her mouth, don’t you?” Then she began licking my ear, driving me absolutely crazy. Elaine couldn’t have heard this but provided Mika with more viewing enjoyment anyway. She glanced over and noticed us watching so got a little more aggressive, stroking and licking his hard cock like a Popsicle. Of course, Elaine loved an appreciative audience and this only inspired Mika.

"I fell in love with Joe and Elaine two books ago and can say I adore them even more now.”


“So the journey continues for Joe, Elaine, Mika and John. Even after a year in each other’s company they find new and amazing things to try together. Not only do they experience new things but the sexuality that these couples portray is amazing!”

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