Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tantalyzing Tuesday Teasser ~ Saving Ben ~ @SexyMuffyWilson #TantalyzingTuesday #flashfiction

Today is a typical Tantalyzing Tuesday: hot, humid and steaming with sultry molten desires.  However, we prurient partners of ink on pages are limited in our descriptions of whatever photograph that inspires us to only 200 words or less.  I thought this photo particularly inspiring, don't you?  Yummy six-pack tummy.  So have a languid read of my teaser I call Surprising Ben........whom do you think was really surprised? Ben? 

After you have answered that delicious question, have a romp around to my prurient partners, see the photos that inspired them and read their Teasers.  You'll be ready for a real rodeo after all that, I promise.  You can do them one at a time, right after me of course, or go to our blog page where we have them all corralled for your pleasure.... Now, go on, giddyap:) xo

Surprising Ben
The night air was still, hot and humid making her light cotton dress stick close to her moist, glowing dark skin. She reached back and pulled her long black hair away from her glistening neck and shoulders. Her mind raced to the thought of Ben mucking the stalls; how his taunt tanned muscles would be glistening with sweat as he shoveled. Shards of hay sprinkled across his back, clinging, as if unable to resist the temptation to touch him.

"Oh, God............." she whispered as she pulled her damp dress away from her curves.

She sneaked through the door, quietly tip-toed behind some bales of hay and settled in to watch Ben. It made her tingle down her spine, often to the point of light-headedness. She watched him work, mesmerized by the beads of sweat that pooled between his shoulder blades and trickled to the small of his back disappearing at his waistband.

Every time he grunted with exertion, she imagined him pushing deeply, tightly inside her.  Dizzy with desire, her hand dropped to her lap and her fingers sought out her velvety, wet folds..............she moaned involuntarily.

Ben, turned instinctively toward the invitation, had allowed her to watch for the last time................

 © Muffy Wilson

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  1. For the last time? Ah, I get it and it sounds like she will to. Great tease, Muffy!

  2. Great fantasizing. I was right there with her.

  3. Oh, such a yummy tease, but I think she needs to pay up, for watching him, right? ;-)

  4. Fancy leaving us hanging at that moment. What happens next? Excellent teaser, your use of all senses had me right there. Fab.


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