Friday, December 19, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, 19 December 2014 ~ When She Said Nun, She Didn’t Mean None

I am going to Hell for this one, and I selected the photo for the group! You'da thought I had a clue what to write, but I didn't. So, I am going with what DID come into my mind.

There are a number of great authors participating this week. Please be kind and go visit their posts on this challenge--this photo and a mere 100 words to work with. Leave a comment to encourage, please and thank you. The link is all over and they are listed like sins one-by-one below. Gotta love it!

Happy Holidays

Enjoy  o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°
When She Said Nun, She Didn't Mean None
Sister MarieRose knew Father Mike was mustering out of the priesthood. He was married to the God our Father but just could not keep the purity of the faith. He had a wandering “eye” that had been the source of much subjective concern—both good and baddepending.

Dear Sister MarieRose drank just enough liquid courage, having been goaded on by her college sorority sisters, to send the good father unfrocked but not unfucked into civilian life with a little experience under his robe.

She went into the wrong side of his confessional.

“Forgive me Father for you are about to sin.”
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Well I think he's a very lucky priest...

  2. This line " to send the good father unfrocked but not unfucked" made me spit out my tea. Great stuff, Muffy, and so wonderfully naughty :-)

  3. I'm screaming laughing now, Muffy. This is the height of great flash fiction. So many perfect lines in this short piece, and the music adds even more to the ambience. "Forgive me father, for you are about to sin."

  4. Absolutely loved it!! And the music was so perfect for your story. The build up of clergy about to sin. Well, it seems he was not cut out for the priesthood after all. Temptations of the flesh proved too great. Fab flasher

  5. Oh yeah, it's about to go down. I think Father is about to understand. Nice flash Muffy.

  6. *giggles* That poor priest. ;-) Temptation will always get you and bring out the naughty. I loved it and want to know more of this little naughty tale.

  7. Hehehe very naughty, in all the right ways ;)


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