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A Taste of Thursday, 18 December 2014 ~ The Brutal Master and The Charmer

This Taste of Thursday brings us to the calm after the storm of Talia's memorial service. It was a perfect day but life does go on without consent from us. Life is a brutal master and teaches us everything-about loss, love, growth and fear. Then there is charm.

Simon calls to assure Jordan that he has moved forward with the donor testing, in spite of the emotional demands upon his heart and time, and suggests that Jordan bring Lily to Chicago to await the results of his donor tests. If it is good news, they all will celebrate. If it is not, they will reassure Lily that they were many now and an answer would be found for her. There is always hope. And, I am a bit long, so settle in.....

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The Charmer

“Simon, how can we do that? The other children, Lily - you and me? Are you sure that is wise?”

“Yes, Jordan, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. It is an offer Talia would have made herself…I know that now. She knew about you. You couldn’t know that I told her when she and I got back together. We were separated at the time--when I met you. She understood. Of course, she never knew about Lily, but then neither did I. I don’t say that to hurt you, just to recount the past. None of that matters now, anyway, but it did to me then. When I came back to her, it was as an equal, as we started. She had to know that I loved her more than any other and I wanted to be with her and our daughter. I would not live with an ultimatum or subjugation, nor would I ask that of anyone else.”

“Oh, Simon…wha…what can I say?”

“There is nothing to say, Jordan. This was a decade ago, but my wife and I resolved our issues and had a wonderful life, along with two more beautiful children. We had great life; the children had great lives. But, life is a brutal master. It is what it is and we are destined to live it out. Will you come…and bring Lily?”

“Of course, Simon. When would you have us? I’ll make arrangements.”

“I’ll take care of everything and let you know. I would think it would be good to be here three or so days before we get the results back. Can you arrange your schedule accordingly?”

“Yes, Simon, yes. I’ve not been taking many appointments since Lily got worse. I have just been going through the motions for her sake.”

“Jordan, do you need any money, anything at all?”

“NO! Simon, no thank you. We are fine. I am independent in my own and my parents left me very comfortable.”

“I apologize. I meant no offense…”

“None taken. If all I needed was money, I would have figured something out. I hope you know that. I came to you because you have the one thing no one else does.”

“And that would be?”

“Paternity. You gave her your genes when we gave her life. She won’t live without them.”

“Get ready to come ‘for a visit’. I’ll prepare my kids, you prepare Lily. You can stay in town or in the guest house. Whatever feels right to you.”

“Okay, Simon. I will start keeping Lily in the loop about what is happening and the developments. I’ll tell her we are going to Chicago to meet you. I think it is a good plan, as good as is possible.”

“Jordan, don’t second guess yourself. Telling Lily was not only instinctual, but the right thing to do. I think it is singularly the reason everything else is coming together. You are a wonderful mother, Jordan. Lily is a very lucky little girl.”

“Simon, I….”

“Jordan, I’ll have Ms Meriwether call you with the details when I know them. I’ll call you when the screening is completed. May I tell Lily you are coming here and why before I hang up?”

“Yes, Simon. I think that would be a good idea. Let me call her.”

“Lily-bear? Lily? Would you come here please? Mr Simon wants to tell you something and say good night.”

“Okay, Mummy, I’m coming!”

And the patter of small jubilant socked-feet carried her daughter down the hall and into a sliding screeching halt at her desk.

“Lily! Here, honey.”

“Hi, Mr Simon. Did you want me?”

“Yes, Lily. Your Mummy thought it would be a good idea if you came here for a visit, so we could meet. She thought you would want to ’check me out’, she said. Do you know what she means by that?”

“Oh, yes, Mr Simon, I do. And she is right. She’s always right, actually.”

“Okay, then. Your Mom and I will make the arrangements and you will be here in a few weeks. Do you like horses?”

“Oh, YES, Mr Simon, I do!”

“Well, I have three children, whom you will meet, and I just happen to have horses. Would you like to go for a ride?”

“Just one?”

“As many as you like!”

“Oh, yes, Mr Simon, yes!”

“Okay, then, that’s a plan! Put your Mom back on, please, Lily-Bird.”

“Mummy! Mr Simon called me Lily-Bird! Isn’t that funny? You call me that! And he has horses! He wants to talk to you!”

“Hello, Mr Simon, ….Lily, get back to your card so I can send it to Mr Simon…Thank you, Simon. You managed to make it seem like a trip to Disneyland. I can’t thank you enough for helping me—for helping Lily. You have, indeed, turned on the charm.”

“Let’s not go there too fast, Jordan. I am not sure who is charming whom!”

© Muffy Wilson

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  1. It's a very kind and noble gesture, especially so soon after the death of his wife. Excellently written taster

    1. He knew his wife would have wanted him to do something, anything, to help. Plus, she made him promise to try to be happy and have a life, provide a good life for her children, his children. Altho, that was not on his mind, he was inspired to offer they come because Talia would have wanted it that way. Thank you for reading and commenting so graciously, and not mentioning how long it was--but I have too get the motivation in or readers would just think he was horny and that is not the case. It was noble. xo

  2. The story is all coming together..., almost. And I can't wait to read what happens in two weeks. The dialogue is very believable and feeling. You have woven a beautiful story for all those involved. You have a winner! I adore your writing as you well know. Anr this work of art is my favorie so far.

  3. Definitely a story to be read entirely. Great work Muffy.

  4. I love the honesty between these characters. They aren't pulling any punches with one another, which is definitely the best way to build a relationship. If Lily and Jordan should join Simon's family, everyone will know exactly where they stand. You have done a great job developing that.

  5. Sorry, I'm a bit confused, did you change the name from Aynne to Jordan?
    I like the reaction of Lily, she definitely deserve more than one pony ride but I wonder if that's really safe for her at the moment.

    1. I did. It was suggested by the publisher that since Anne Taylor was a real person, I should change her name. I thought that was smart. Thank you for your support and comments. I really appreciate them so very much. Your thoughtful comments mean a good deal to me. Merry Christmas. xo

  6. A very interesting taste, Muffy. So much development, and very realistic. Looking forward to more.


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