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A Taste of Thursday, 11 December 2014 ~ Will There Be Ponies?

A Taste of Thursday saddles in with another look at Taylor. This is an opportunity to review a bit of a WIP as we hope to hear from you whether you like what we are doing or not.

400 words is the limit. I usually violate that somewhat, sometimes a lot. Like today...

They are preparing for the memorial reception Talia planned the year before for herself. She wanted it to be a celebration of life--her life and the lives of her family. And it was. Being strong takes great strength of will--and love. Read mine then visit the other authors offerings. They are so talented. It is awesome to be counted among them.

Happy Holidays. 
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"Will There Be Ponies?"
There was not a hiccup in the celebration of Talia’s life, except for the one instance that six year old Lianna asked her father again about riding the ponies. She was insistent but reason, and bribery, prevailed. Yes, it was a party, he explained, but Simon promised, anyway, to take her riding in the morning with the other children.

The day did not seem as long and as it did tiresome, draining actually, as it actually was. It was such an effort, not to show his love for Talia, but to show appreciation for everyone else’s love for Talia. Simon was exhausted when he finally fell into bed that night. 

Everything seemed so normal as he walked through the house, bid Maddie a good night and entered his master ensuite. Everything was normal except Talia would never be here again…and yet she was everywhere.

He acknowledged his new normal and was so grateful for his children, their routines and their need for him to pretend to be fine. The truth was, his truth was, he would never be fine again, not in the way he was comfortable for the last fifteen years.

Simon began to prepare for bed. He took off his suit and hung it up on the same suit hanger he had taken it from that morning. He hung up the pants after emptying the pockets and placing everything on his silent butler. He tossed his shirt in the laundry basket and hung up his jacket. As Simon put the hanger with the suit back into the protective bag, he saw the kerchief she had placed in the breast pocket. As an afterthought, he whipped it out of the pocket and he saw something golden flip out and tumble through the air, falling to the tile floor. He heard, rather than saw, where it pinged when it hit the porcelain tile and looked in the general direction.

He found the simple gold wedding band perched on the plush carpet in front of Talia’s dressing room, like a shrine to her being. He bent and picked it up. It was her wedding band. It was from the set they selected when they were first wed. He had long since replaced it with a beautiful full five carat emerald cut pink diamond in a simple eighteen carat gold setting flanked by  two half-carat baguettes and a wedding band with three half-carat matching pink diamond stones - one for each of the children. But, this one, the one she had secreted in his breast pocket, was the ring that she always considered her wedding band. This was her real wedding ring. This was the ring that sealed their love in God’s eyes forever. She always wore it on a gold chain around her neck; he assumed it was there still. Obviously, she made other arrangements for it.

No, everything was not normal; there would never be another  “normal’. And yes, she would never be here again….and, yet, she was still everywhere. She always would be. It was then, sitting on the tuffet in her dressing room, that he felt her absence most profoundly. His sadness was overwhelming; his loss was forever. In a singular moment of clarity and contradiction, he was filled with emptiness.
 © Muffy Wilson

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  1. Coping with the first night of loss is so painful. I could identify the feeling of it. Very touching post, Muffy.

  2. You deal beautifully with what is so hard and painful.

  3. Love the names you chose and this line while heartbreaking is also beautiful: "And yes, she would never be here again….and, yet, she was still everywhere."

  4. A heavy lead weight sank to the bottom of my stomach, as I felt his sorrow and emptinerss for the woman he would never see again. You instilled these emtions by ceating a mood perfect for his character and this moment in his life. Nicely done.

  5. Beautifully written. A myriad of memories that circled in his mind was portrayed so well. I feel for him

  6. She seems to be trying to tell him something and I'm not sure if he clearly understand it yet.
    Very beautiful.

  7. Beautifully done, Muffy. Brought tears to my eyes. Having known extremely deep grief recently, this hit home (though for different reasons). But it was so beautiful. Extremely well done. I'm lost for words.


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