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A Taste of Thursday, 25 December 2014 ~ Black Suits You

A Taste of Thursday falls on Christmas Day this years, so before I forget...Merry Christmas
A bunch of wonderful authors are posting a sweet morsel for you to taste from their WIPs. Mine is from Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences. I hope you enjoy it. Lily meets her real father for the first time, although she does not know that he is. They are in Chicago because he has offered to be tested as a live organ donor, after the death of his beloved wife. She would have wanted him to offer any help he could.

The participating authors are grouped on a page and listed one by beautiful one like presents below a Christmas tree. Please, go should them some Holiday love and read their offerings, too. God bless and keep you safe in His loving heart.

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays! 
Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Black Suits You
Simon went to the front door and opened the massive oak door with a welcoming smile as he walked out onto the asphalt driveway and up to the limousine door, which he bent to open.

“I am glad to see you made it! And just in time for a late lunch! And who is this young lady? Miss Lily, I presume?” Simon bent further at the waist in a grand gesture of welcome to Lily.

“And you must be Mr Simon. But, Mummy didn’t tell me you were black.”

“Lily! Oh, Simon, I am so sorry! Lily how could you say something like that?”

“Well, you didn’t, Mummy.” Lily seemed confused at the response from her mother but matter-of-factly extended her hand for Simon to shake.

“I am. I mean, I am Mr Simon. I guess I am black, too. Does it matter?”  Simon shook the little girl’s hand with a level of mock seriousness. Jordan refrained, apparently, from any further interference.

“No, should it?”

“Of course not. Personally, I like being black. I think it suits me.”

“You know? ...Being black does suit you! You have a very deep voice. You look like the man on the cd’s Mummy has of a famous singer. I think she has all of his cd’s.”

“Does she now?” Simon looked at Jordan and leaned in to hug her in welcome. She smelled of lavender and vanilla, as he always remembered her. Bud was collecting their luggage from the trunk and steering clear of this conversation. “Just leave them in the hallway, Bud. I will take them back to the guest house later. The ladies may need something to freshen up for lunch. Why don’t you stay, too, Bud, and have a bite with Maddie? She has prepared chicken salad. She always enjoys your company, no matter what she says.”

“Thanks, Mr D. She can be contrary, but I love her chicken salad. I’ll just leave these here, for the ladies. Okay right here, Mr D?”

“Perfect, Bud!” Bud tipped his hat to Jordan and Lily then removed it from his head as he walked down the ceremonial entrance to the back of the house and the kitchen.

“So, Ms Jordan. You have all my cd’s, now, do you? The mouse has jumped clean outta that bag!”

“It IS you! Mummy didn’t tell me that either.”

“Well, some things are more fun if they are a surprise. Would you like to meet my little girls and my son? Not that you have much choice in the matter. Here they come barreling now!”

“Yes, please…”

‘Slow down, kids, slowwwwwww down! This is Lily and her mother, Jordan. They will be staying with us in the guest house for a few days. This is Simon Jr, Lianna and my oldest, Saile.”

“Hi, Lily,” Saile said with a warm smile.

“Hi, I’m Simon”

“Yes, I guessed that,” Lily replied sweetly.

“And I am the baby of the family, Lianna. I am six and a half years old, so I am NOT a baby. But that’s what everyone always says. I would rather be a ballerina or the princess of the family. See my crown? Would you like to be a princess, too?” Lianna lowered her chin so Lily could get a closer look at her rhinestone tiara.

“Oh, yes! Do you have another crown?”

“No, but you can wear this one, if you want.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of taking yours!”

“You girls can figure out the crown thing after lunch. Let’s all go see Miss Maddie. Are you hungry, Lily?

“Oh, yes, sir, Mr Simon. I am starving!”
Laughing, Jordan and Simon shared a glance and an unspoken moment usually reserved for lovers. Thus, began the friendship between the children. Lily wove her way into Simon’s heart at first glance. She was a charming, precocious child, very intelligent and quick witted.  He was already her willing slave. 
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Nice and Sweet children moment.
    Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was nice to you!

  2. When I read this scene, I felt like I was one of the ones being welcomed into Simon's house and introduced to his children. You have drawn me into this story like a man who is drawn to his lover when somethiong new is revealed about that person. I love the interaction among the children. But what is going to happen next that might bring trouble between Simon and Jordan? How will his wife respond to Simon and Jordan's attraction? And Lily will she be saved? Keep your story coming. I must know more.

  3. A very light-hearted and fun meeting. I like the teasing/taunts about the CD collection. It adds just the right touch of the familiar amid the unfamiliar in the meeting.

  4. A very warm and cute segment in the story. Very easy to get lost into it.

  5. I love your taster. Lily is quite the little madam isn't she? Very realistic! I'm glad she is getting on with Simon. Happy Christmas Muffy x


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