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Thursday Tasters: Cheerleaders in Heat by @SexyMuffyWilson and @LaurenceChrissy ~ ErocoThrobber-Excerpt

It is A Taste of Thursday and so with that, here is a little taste of Cheerleaders in Heat. Be sure to visit all the authors todayHave fun and above all else, enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*° 

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     “Here, my dear Cherie, is to what I predict will be an amazingly satisfying evening for us both. You are more beautiful than you were even last night, and you were exquisite—to us.”
       They clinked glasses, and in her exhilarated state, Cherie swallowed the entire drink in three anxious sips.
       “Ah, Cherie. You must pace yourself more carefully. I have so much planned for us tonight, I would hate for you to overdo it too early in our evening. Have a strawberry.”
       “Oh, my. I am so sorry, Juan. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t usually suck down a drink so fast,” she sighed. She picked up a strawberry and licked it with the tip of her tongue, dipped it into the cinnamon sugar then slipped the tip between her ruby lips and into her mouth as she watched Juan while he gazed at her. “Mmm. I love strawberries.”
       “Well, I’m hoping you’ll discover a great many things that you love sucking tonight, mi pequeña, so save it for us. As for the drinks, just sip and savor, por favor, and of course, munch away on the strawberries. Have you tried one with the warm chocolate? It is Teuscher. I have flown in from Zurich, Switzerland ”
       With that, he lifted his own flute, and swallowed the remainder of his champagne in one swift gulp. Cherie, already feeling a little lightheaded, held out her glass for a refill.
       “Sit down, my dear. Have you eaten dinner?”
       “No, no. Cheerleading went late tonight, and I barely had time to shower. I didn’t want to be late on our first date.”
       “Mmm. Nor would I have wanted you to be,” Juan said, with a mysterious smile. “Let’s get to know each other a little better, and after we have explored one another awhile, I’ll put together a small dinner.”
       “Oh,” Cherie blushed, “That would be wonderful. But we’ve told each other so much over the past few weeks on the Internet, and oh my, after last night I feel as though I know you so well already. What can be left to tell?”
       Juan sat down next to her, and put his arm around her shoulders. He leaned in closely and inhaled her fragrance almost as if he could taste it, “Oh yes, we know all about one another—when I talked of exploring, I wasn’t referring to our minds. I was thinking more to the tactile…”
       Cherie giggled, nervously, and shifted apprehensively to look at him. “You haven’t disappointed me either, but you have a head start on me . . . you’ve not only seen me naked, but you’ve seen me at my most intimate; you’ve seen me on display for you and watched me cum.”
       “And a delightful experience that was, Cherie. I’m looking forward to sharing many naked moments together.”
       “Oh. That champagne went right to my head. May I use your restroom for a moment?”
       “Absolutely. Straight down that hallway, on the right. Save yourself for me, Cherie, and please do not do what you did in the restroom at Plume d’Or last night.” A wicked knowing smile flickered across his chiseled good looks as they shared their first secret. Cherie blushed and disappeared down the shadowed hall.
       When Cherie closed the door, Juan reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny glass vial. He poured some of the liquid into her drink and stirred it for a second with his finger, licking it dry and smiling to himself. This, he thought, will help get passed her awkwardness and move the evening along.
       “Wow!” she said when she returned and sat next to him. She lifted her drink to her full sensuous lips and again, sipped too quickly. “I just love this stuff. Mas, por favor?” she giggled.
       “Don’t get ahead of yourself, or me, Cherie,” he said. Then he took her hand and placed it on his crotch where the swell of his pants held fast and his penis seemed to be struggling to break free. “Do you like that?”     

 Too hot for any other place than South Miami
The disclaimer above should be fair warning about this book. One of the reasons many of us are drawn to erotica is that it allows us to vicariously live out our fantasies without injury or jail time. 
The story of a promiscuous woman's sexual adventures is a staple in male fantasy. 
In reality, when a woman is promiscuous she risks unintended pregnancy, 
STD's injury or even death. Don't let the title of this book fool you, "Cheerleaders in Heat" is not a featherweight installment of Girls Gone Wild. It's about the erotic odyssey of Cherie, who's bored with her dating life and goes on-line to find more action. And she does. 
If you are a reader searching for an unflinching look at the joys, sorrows, fears 
and terrors of an adventurous woman's life, this will be a five star book for you. 
It's hot, dangerous, funny and yes violent.
~ Max Lemberger

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  1. OMG he spiked her drink!!! I am guessing it wasn't anything harmful. But you stopped and now I don't Know. Great cliff-hanger Muffy. You need to pick this up again next week.

  2. Bad boy! He has her under his control now having spiked the drink. I'm loving this story. Great taster!

  3. When Juan says, "Do you like that?" I would respond," Definitely yes. Let me help it to freedom." Just joking. You have woven a sensuous erotic flavor in the mood way beyond the words you have written. I feel like I'm there with them, sipping champagne and munching on strawberries dipped in hot chocolate. That is definitely a good move in foreplay. Superb writing as always.

  4. He sounds down right creepy. I knew it was too good to be true.

    1. Right you were, Linda....and he gets worse.


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