Friday, October 9, 2015

The Bloom by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday and I get to spend it with my dear friends in our Will Blog for Sex group of writers. We all have this wonderful photo as inspiration for a 100 word story. It isn't easy, so please sprinkle some love and read them then leave a comment. You will find my friends listed below like petals scattered on the wind or at this link here.

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

The Bloom

The bloom was not off of Rose. It would never be off of Rose.

She begged to be released; she knew her death awaited were she, but she had made a promise. She had traded her soul to the service of—of what destiny in this madness she did not know.

She yearned for a freedom, which in so many ways she had. She could come and go, with whom and whenever and no need for the material things that tied the ‘meres’ to their lives. 

Her only need was one of provocative release.

And she would die a thousand times without it.

© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Well done, I enjoyed the sense of yearning

  2. Such an intriguing flash, Muffy. :-)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You chose your words carefully and came up with a chilling longing and despair. Excellently crafted flash

  4. This was written with so much feeling Muffy. fab Flash

  5. My heart aches for her. I hope she does find her "freedom" and release from the prison that enfolds her. Beautiful flash and I sense a story possibly ;-) Love the way you use your wording. :)


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