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Leslie's Dilemma by Daily Hollow @daily_hollow ~ Release Blitz

Leslie's Dilemma
Daily Hollow

Leslie Montgomery is a wild woman. She enjoys partying, playing pool, and the occasional anonymous fling. Content with her life, she has absolutely no plans to settle down.
Then, after a night of heavy drinking, Leslie wakes up in bed with the beautiful and mysterious Gretchen. In denial over her attraction to women, Leslie starts seeing Stanley, a handsome man she once had a one-night stand with. When she signs up for an exercise class taught by Gretchen, it becomes increasingly difficult for Leslie to deny her feelings.

Complicating matters, Leslie begins to develop feelings for Stanley. He's pleasant to be around, funny, and drives a kick-ass car! Stanley had also had his heart broken on a few occasions, at times making Leslie feel guilty.

A comedy of errors arises as she goes on dates with Stanley, while continuing to hang out with Gretchen. She struggles to keep her love interests a secret from her friends.
Leslie must make a decision between the easy-going, hardworking man who adores her and the fascinating woman she has begun to crave. Sexy Stanley or gorgeous Gretchen: who will Leslie choose?


"Damn, that's three straight," Donna said as Leslie made an incredible bank shot on the eight ball to finish the match.
Leslie smiled. Since it was a week night, she and Donna were the only two left at the bar. It was Donna who had hooked her up with the fake ID, and Donna who'd given her the Johnny Archer Scorpion pool cue as a birthday gift.
"I guess I owe you another shot," Donna said as she made her way toward the bar. Leslie enjoyed hanging around her. Not only was she pretty good at pool, she drove a bad-ass Harley, and could drink most guys under the table.
"I guess I can handle one more," Leslie said. Though her apartment was only a mile away, and she carried a blade and two bottles of mace, Leslie wasn't too keen on walking home alone. Especially shitfaced. As though she had read her mind, Donna offered Leslie a ride when she returned with their drinks—a ride Leslie gladly accepted.
"Here's to the best pool player in all of Cary," Donna said, holding up her glass.
"Here's to the craziest bitch in all of North Carolina," Leslie replied, then downed the drink. She closed her eyes as the whiskey burned its way down her throat.
"Let's get outta here," Donna said. Leslie grabbed her cue and followed her friend out the door. Leslie admired the array of tattoos that covered Donna's toned body like a map. She found one particular tattoo on her shoulder fascinating. It was of a raven strangling Bugs Bunny with its long, sharp talons. Leslie always wanted to ask her what she had against Bugs.
Once they reached Donna's Harley, she handed Leslie a helmet. She sucked in a breath when Donna reached out and wiped a few strands of hair from her bangs.
Donna smiled. "All that beautiful hair shouldn't be falling in your eyes. It would make for a very uncomfortable ride."
Leslie remained frozen as Donna slowly brushed her hair back. She wanted to pull away, but her feet remained grounded. Leslie gasped when Donna grabbed a fist full of hair, then yelled out when her friend tugged hard enough to tilt her head.
"You don't even know how beautiful you are, do you?" Donna whispered.
Leslie didn't answer. She felt like a deer in headlights. Donna's brown eyes were filled with lust, her dyed blonde hair and dark roots shining under the lamp light.
Leslie's breathing increased as Donna's face slowly made its way toward hers. Leslie wanted to break free and run but was unable to move. Her face flushed as a tingling sensation vibrated deep in her sex.
What's happening?
"You ever been with a woman?" Donna asked. Her voice was raspy, yet sexy. Her breath smelled of cigarettes and whisky. Leslie swallowed several times before shaking her head.
"I always liked you," Donna purred.
Leslie again closed her eyes as Donna ran her fingers under her chin. Her arms broke out in goose bumps, while her legs shook.
"Can I kiss you?"
Leslie wanted to say yes.
I'm not a lesbian!
"Please say yes," Donna said. Leslie let out a small squeal when Donna's long nails gently caressed her throat. "Pretty please," she whispered, her nails were now trailing along Leslie's cleavage.
Leslie shifted her body as electricity shot through her sex. "I'm not…a lesbian," she managed to say.
"But I am," Donna said.
Leslie moaned when the other woman lightly flicked her nipple.
"Your nipples are so hard, Leslie. Surely you want me as badly as I want you?"
Leslie blinked. "Donna, you're my friend."
"I know," she said, her breath hitching. "But I really want to be your lover."
Leslie closed her eyes. Donna now had her entire hand inside her bra.
Leslie moaned. "But you're a woman."
Donna massaged her breast.
"Please, Donna, don't," Leslie panted, though her body was begging for more.
Donna grinned. "Are you sure?"
Leslie wasn't. In fact, Leslie wasn't sure about much of anything. Her body felt as though it was about to explode.
"Do I not make you feel good? I think I do. Really good."
Leslie shook her head. She was both aroused and confused. One moment Leslie was laughing, playing pool, drinking, and having fun—then suddenly she was being groped in the parking lot by her close friend.
"Kiss me," Donna whispered.
Leslie closed her eyes and tilted her head forward. Donna's lips were surprisingly soft. Leslie's legs nearly gave out when Donna's tongue slid between her lips. She had once smelled the Jack Daniels and Marlboros on Donna's breath, now Leslie was tasting them.
Leslie pulled back when Donna's hand went up her skirt. "What are you doing?"
"Don't you want me to fuck you?" Donna whispered.
Leslie blinked several times, then stepped back. She took a few breaths, trying to gather her bearings.
"No," Leslie said. She then shook her head. "No," she repeated. "I thought we were just going to kiss."
Donna took a step forward. She was breathing hard, her eyes gleaming, her small but firm breasts straining against her tight tube top. "I want to fuck you against my Harley."
Author Bio:

     Daily Hollow is an erotic romance writer residing in the Carolinas. He is married, has a young son, three dogs, two rats, and two cats. He has had anthologies published in the Tie Me Up and My Kinky Valentine anthologies. His recently released story, Eve's Daisy, spent a brief moment in Amazon's top 100 and Amazon UK's top 20. In addition to Leslie's Dilemma, Daily's short story, "A Night of Firsts" (also published with Fireborn) is due out in November. 

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  1. I had to reread the blurb - sexy Stanley or Gorgeous Gretchen and we are talking about Donna? This woman must be hot stuff :) Congrats Daily.


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