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Thursday Tasters: Cheerleaders in Heat by @SexyMuffyWilson and @LaurenceChrissy ~ Eroco-Excerpt

It is A Taste of Thursday and so with that, here is a little taste of Cheerleaders in Heat. Be sure to visit all the authors today. Remember that today, Cheerleaders in Heat is still available on Amazon Countdown for the sale price of $1.99 here.

Have fun and above all else, enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*° 

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First Installment
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As soon as Juan returned home, he contacted Cherie via email. She heard the incoming tone she assigned to him right away. When she was home, she never wanted to miss his contact.  So their computer sessions began and had gone longer and longer, and she had grown more and more drawn to him. Of course, two sensuous adults could not be expected to visit after midnight each evening without their sexuality creeping into the sessions.
That night, in his deep, slightly-accented English, Juan convinced her to strip for him, and she had gotten so hot and bothered during the process she told him what she had done in the ladies room of the Palme d’Or. He convinced her to masturbate for him, now on camera, just like she had in the ladies room at the restaurant, bringing herself to orgasm. That had Juan sizzling—but he refused to go any further, saying that when he came, it would be with her—not on video. He told her that she was to come to his apartment the next night so they could relax and ‘get to know one another’ in a more relaxed environment.
Cherie slept restlessly knowing what was to come the next night. She was anxious, eager, thrilled and she knew that the anticipation would have her wet all the following day until she was with him once more.


So, tonight she was going to his place, anticipating a searing sexcapade. Stripped, Cherie stepped into a steamy shower and lathered herself with Chanel No. 5 body bath. As she ran the bubbling scent over her breasts her nipples bloomed and she began to caress them. So sexually charged by her own touch was Cherie that she slid her right hand down to her swollen clit and began the pleasant ritual of bringing herself to climax. She had become adept at masturbation over the past couple of years, and was beginning to believe no man could elicit the thrill from her that she could give to her own self. Her breathing grew heavier, and she bucked against her hand and began to moan. Her fingers were like tiny tongues, lapping at her pussy, tormenting her swollen lips and she started to grind as her pussy demanded more. Finally, she started to shudder as she exploded into a thousand firecrackers, her hips jerking wildly, pushing greedily into her hand burying her fingers to the knuckle inside her volcanic core ending with screams of “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

She recovered quickly, finished bathing, dried herself and slathered on Chanel No. 5 Body Lotion. She was so charged with desire and anticipation; she almost jerked herself off again before getting dressed. In the interest of time and wanting to get her hands on the delicious Juan Allegro, she passed on further self-indulgence, and carefully made her face up, pulled her most delicate black thong with rose buds and side ties over her rounded hips, stepped into a tiny slip of a black dress and sprayed herself lightly with Chanel No. 5 Perfume. She took a moment to admire herself in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, thanking the genetic gifts she had been granted—nodding at the length and exquisite shape of her legs, she tossed her red, curly mane and set out to get perfectly laid.

Cheerleaders in heat is reminiscent of the finest in Erotica, from Terry Southern in "Candy", through Hustler's "letters to the editor" by Flynt in the '70's and 80's. 
Humor and heat, all tumbling together in a wild sensuous ride, with all the thrills, turns, 
unexpected dips and curls of a wild amusement park roller coaster. 
If you enjoy contemporary erotic reading. 
I would recommend enthusiastically and without reservation.
~ Roger Dunn

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  1. What a scorcher. Great teaster Muffy xx

  2. Sexy Sexy Sexy!!! I love this taster in all it's red hotness. It's enough to get anyone reaching for the ice

  3. She seems to be expecting a lot from Juan, I hope he won't be disappointing.

  4. When I read this scene before, I thought being she pleased her self so well, Juan or no other man would be able to please her enough. But having read further, I know she experiences exaltation with Juan on that date in his apartment. The descriptions are beyond simple pleasure but soar to an appreciated sexual experience..

  5. Love the shower scene, the Chanel girl is ready to go!

  6. It would appear I need to take bath in ice water. Well done, Muffy


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