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A Taste of Thursday ~ Will you save me...?

Yummy...A Taste of Thursday opens as we catch up with the folks in my work, Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences. They are all tired from their day at the Shedd Museum in Chicago and then the doctor's appointments at Northwestern about Lily and Simon's donor compatibility.

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Will you save me...?
Before long, they returned home and the estate looked large and welcoming to Simon. As they pulled up, the children, having cast anything serious out of their minds, jockeyed for position when the vehicle stopped so they could bolt, as only children can. Lily was a little slower than the others, sitting closely beside her mother and next to Simon.

”Do you want me to carry you, Lily, to Lianna’s bedroom?”

“You mean like a piggyback ride?”

“Well, not quite. More like how a fireman would carry you if he saved you.”

“Will you save me? I will let you if you can. I like you, and all the others.”

“Well, I like you too, Lily, very much. Any yes, we are going to save you. Lots of us are going to save you.”

“But, they all work for you, so really, it’s you - you are saving me?” Lily looked rather matter-of-fact about the pecking order and who was in charge.

“I suspect you could look at it that way. Why, are you worried?” Simon wanted to reassure the child that while this was serious, they had a plan.

“No, I am not worried, not really. I’m a little afraid, like when you go to bed at night and you think there is a monster in the closet but there never is? And your Mummy comes in and checks for you, just so you feel better?”

“Oh, sure. I understand that. Lianna, Simon and Saile all had those scary times, usually after a monster movie. But, there was never anything there.” Simon reasoned with Lily.

“Well, my Mummy told me that you are my giant and you were going to help me, if I would let you. So, it’s kinda like that kinda scary.”

“Okay, so how about I carry you into Lianna’s room, check under the bed and the closet for you girls and you take a little nap before dinner?”

“Okay, I will be Rapunzel and you can save me from the tower, okay?”

“You got it, Rapunzel.” Simon laughed at the reasoning of the little girl and shifted immediately into ‘Hero’ mode for her benefit. He swept her into his arms, Bud helped Jordan out of the back of the limousine and he made their way into the house to Lianna’s room.

Jordan went into the kitchen to see to the other children and check with Maddie.

“Hello, Maddie”

"Well, Ms Jordan. How was your day?” Maddie, in an effort to appear casual, replied.

“Well, good and not so good. We had a wonderful time at the Shedd, but things were not very promising at Northwestern for Lily.”

“Oh, Jordan, I am so sorry to hear that. I prayed for her.”

“Me, too, and I thank you. I don’t know what we are going to do to help her. I am so scared.”

Maddie approached the young mother and put her arms around her reassuringly and let out a little ‘Huh-mmm’ – that universal hum of comfort and reassurance. Jordan leaned into the older woman, embraced her and relaxed against Maddie’s breast.

“Miss Jordan, Mr D isn’t going to let anything happen to that little girl, you mark my words. He loves that child just like his own and he will do anything he can to help her. I know him; I know him for a very long time. Talia would have wanted him to move Heaven and Earth to help her.”

“Oh, Maddie, thank you so much. You don’t know how much that means to me. I have been under so much pressure, trying to think of everything alone.”

“Mr D is the best man I know — a giant among men. He’ll do whatever it takes. Now, why don’t you go take a nap before dinner? I see you didn’t sleep last night, sitting up drinking tea.”


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  1. Muffy, that was absolutely amazing and vivid! Thank you for sharing it with us and I hope you are prepared for massive fangirling from a new fan!

  2. What a lovely scene and exchange, so dear. And BUSTED at the end. Very nice.

  3. A great scene. I love the interaction and reassurance with Lily.You can sense the trust and happiness building up. The only spanner is Maddie. She's very nosy. I hope she doesn't ruin anything. Wonderful taster

  4. Very playful and heartfelt, Muffy. It's like a family; a fun-like one.

  5. Oh that ending! That was priceless. I mean the dialog between Simon and Lily was great but the ending totally made me laugh after the first stressful part.


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