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A Taste of Thursday, 5 February 2015 ~ Could It Be? @sexymuffywilson #iamwriting #tasteofthursday

I love today, and that is this Thursday and every Thursday. I get a chance to share a bit of my heart and soul from a WIP. I have submitted this manuscript to Kensington Book Publishing and am waiting by the mailbox for a notice, acceptance or rejection. See what you think I should receive. 

In today's taste, the family is going to the Shed Aquarium in Chicago and then on to several appointments regarding live donor transplants and Lily's treatment. They have just left and Maddie, the housekeeper, is going to tidy up after breakfast and then go tidy the guest house where Lily and her mother, Jordan, are staying and slept the night before.

After you have finished reading my 400 word short, please visit my writing partners blogs and have a quick read of theirs. You are sure to find something you cannot live without knowing the ending. 

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The Main House and Guest House Grounds
Maddie handed the coffee to Jordan and she grabbed some toast before they all poured into the limousine for the trip to downtown Chicago and to the Shedd. There was unbridled excitement and jubilance surrounding the family excursion and the house became eerily quiet within seconds after the oak front door closed.

Maddie walked back to the kitchen and sat for a long while, sipping coffee and eating the cold left-over toast and eggs. She planned on slicing up the rib roast from the night before and making some gravy and mashed potatoes for open-faced sandwiches that night. Mr D told her that they were sending the children home after the Shedd so they could make their appointments at Northwestern. She thought it wise to have something ready for their return if any one of the children were hungry tonight. She knew this trip was mostly about Lily, but she still did not understand the intricacies, only that she was one sick little girl and Simon was going to try to help her.

That was just like him, she thought. He was such a good man for someone so educated, traveled, world renowned and, well, wealthy. Not all wealthy people were generous, but he was and not only with friends and family, but seemingly everyone who needed help. 

She originally thought it was because of Talia, but he had been generous for as long as she had known him. She knew he was generous to a fault with all his employees, and of course turn-over was rare. She was giving herself a headache thinking about all of this.

She just knew they were all in good hands. Maddie said a silent prayer that he would be able to find the help Lily needed to save her life; she was such a precious child.

Maddie cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, sliced the standing rib roast and cleaned and quartered the potatoes for the night’s meal. She made up Mr D’s room, cleaned his dressing area and tidied the rest of the house before going out to the guest house. She let herself in and immediately began straightening the cozy two bedroom cottage. The two girls made little mess, but it was clear that Jordan had been up late. She made Lily’s bed and cleaned her bathroom. She went into the room in which Jordan had her things, and it was clean and straightened. Clearly Jordan had not slept in her bed during the night.

Had she slept in the main house? Oh, God - had she slept with Mr D?
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Fabulous excerpt from the housekeeper's point of view. She picked up on the intimacy between Jordan and Simon. I felt her keen sense of observation only a housekeeper has and read her interpretations of what might be going on, only to suggest something advancing from their first affair. Kensington will be blind and stupid if they don't accept this manuscript. It will need editing I'm sure from their standards but beyond that it is a real winner.

  2. Wonderful taster! I love the way you brought Maddie's thoughts into the story. Perspective of another character can keep a story alive and you've included this one into an already brilliantly written story. Fabulous!

  3. Interesting point of view. I wonder what she will do with her new-found knowledge.

  4. Muffy, what a good piece for Thursday. Brilliantly written. Looking forward to the next segment.

  5. Oh, it seems Maddie is playing detective. That's a fresh and funny way to present things.


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