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A Taste of Thursday ~ A Valentine Baby

How about a little Taste of my Thursday? You know what I mean! Just a wee read of my WIP which is now sitting somewhere on a publishers desk waiting for a rejection letter. Can't get our hopes up unnecessarily.....In the meantime, we can at least enjoy a little sample from Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences while we are here. With a little Valentine Day sentimentality, I offer you a little background on our little Lily by way of our snooping housekeeper Maddie.

Please enjoy a little slice of my work and then slip over with the wind beneath your wings and have a read of my partners work. You can find them at the links all over or listed one by one, like Valentine heartbeats below. Happy Valentine's Day. 

Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

A Valentine Baby
In the end, she learned much more than she expected about Lily but really little more about Jordan and Simon. Perhaps they were just long time friends that came together to help Jordan’s little girl

Lily was, indeed, a very sick little girl. She had Acute Sarcoidosis, an immune deficiency disorder that caused nodules to grow, usually on the lungs, causing scar tissue which ultimately required a lung transplant. But Lily also had a complicating condition of Sickle Cell Anemia, the development of which had been masked, until it had done irreparable damage to her liver. She needed a life saving liver transplant. Maddie knew she shouldn’t, but she continued reading.

There were details about probabilities of live donor versus cadaver donor, the complications of SCA and it went on and on about percentages and result matrixes. It was overwhelming. Suddenly, Maddie felt a wave of compassion for Jordan and her daughter because of the catastrophic situation they found themselves in. She was about to close the daytimer, satisfied that she had found the reason for their trip when something caught her eye  — she saw it.

In Jordan’s daytimer, a piece of paper, one small piece of paper, upturned Maddie’s world and stunned her with the revelation: Lily’s birth certificate named Simon D’Istrafrio as the father of one Lily Simone Taylor, born February 14, 2005. Oh, good God! A Valentine Baby as well!

Maddie went to the laptop on the desk, provided for their guests. She wanted to look up Valentine Baby births. Her shame was swamped by her compelling interest.

A baby born on Valentine’s Day is born under the Star sign of Aquarius. The Aquarian baby is chatty, very bright, original and independent. She will learn things quickly and absorbs information with great energy. Because of this, she has a lot to teach her playmates. A Valentine baby can be very stubborn at times and, despite valuing the company of others, also enjoys her time alone. She can occasionally appear detached from others but, despite appearances, is often thinking about those close to her and is extremely loyal.
You will quickly come to expect the unexpected where your Aquarian baby is concerned. Her individuality teamed with her strong stubborn streak means that she will certainly keep you on your toes!
Your baby’s independent nature means that she will often prefer to work out her own worries and problems, so much so that it can often be best to let her scream her way through that tantrum on her own. Her naturally creative ability should be nurtured and encouraged as the Aquarian baby can be very much into their own dream world.
A Valentine’s baby is very quick to learn but can become frustrated so the trick is to keep her occupied and stimulated. She also values her freedom and can be defiant, driving parents and playmates mad! The best way to deal with it is to be firm but fair as once your Valentine baby has an idea it will take a lot to make her change her mind.

That was Lily to a tee — well, as much as she has seen of the child! Maddie knew about Valentine’s Day Baby births and it explained so much about the way Lily behaved but it explained more about how Mr D was behaving. Maddie wondered if Lily knew that Simon was her father. Surely Simon did, or they wouldn’t be here. Her thoughts bolted to Talia. Had Talia known? 

Oh, dear God, I pray she didn’t know.
© Muffy Wilson

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  1. Oh my god! She is so nosey. I wonder if her behavior is going to change toward Jordan and Lily now that she has more information and if she is going to be mad at Simon for having an affair. This is turning into a mystery type of thing, I like it.

  2. No way will you get a rejection letter. Excellent taster. Maddie should not have snooped like that. I fear she is a bit of a troublemaker, prying into Simon's business. I hope she doesn't go upsetting him. He has enough on his plate right now

  3. an overwhelming tender piece .... thank you

  4. Great way to share exposition, Muffy, through the uninvolved housekeeper. It gives distance while still keeping Lily's condition a tragedy.

  5. So poignant, Muffy. The snippet, photo, and music combine to bring tears. I already care about these people. Maddie is nosey, but hopefully with good intent. Only a fool would reject this. Ah, but I forget there are lots of those. LOL Beautiful. I'm eager to learn more about Lily.


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