Friday, September 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday, September 26, 2014 ~ Prairie Orchid

Flash Fiction Friday and the creative author group at Will Blog For Sex, is back today to entertain with their missives of 100 words or less based upon the photograph below. I think you will enjoy all of our creative interpretations. Mine ran a little long, but where to cut? Not from her and certainly not from our cowboy.  But, I did. See if I left enough to play with. Oh my, oh my.... 

Then leave me a comment and then have a giddy-up over to the other participating authors below.
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Prairie Orchid
He leaned against the house, one arm behind his back, and watched her fondle herself in the humid, prairie air. Her lips parted in a seductive beckoning and she released a soft moan into the clouds as her quintessence escaped her body. His desire for her was obvious, the bulge in his jeans belied his casual manner. Her arm outstretched gracefully, in a single floating motion; palm open invitingly, she turned her head to him and smiled.

“What’ve you behind your back?”

“Wild prairie flowers for a prairie beauty. What’ve you in your hand?”

“A prairie orchid for a cowboy……………..”

*     *     *     *

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  1. beautifully written very hot and romantic

  2. Nice one, Muffy. Such a naughty take on this pic :-)

  3. Pure erotic sex in 100 words. I want more, well who wouldn't. Great flasher

  4. I absolutely loved this flash. Sot hot and erotic, especially the rustic prairie flowers to the hot sexy erotic orchid. Nicely done! I wonder what he will do now. I hope they play in the prairie field. ;-) Great job!!


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