Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Separation of Truth by @SexyMuffyWilson ~ A Tantalyzing Tuesday 200 Word Piece

Today is Tantalyzing Tuesday and a small group of my prurient partner authors wax romantic about an inspirational photo of their own choice in 200 words or less. And today I am sad. All too often we let people slip from our lives. It isn't always by choice, more often than not, it is not by our own choice. But, things: people, places, illness.......time, space and reality.......change. It is for that I grieve, such crushing loss. I can visualize the touch of fingertips slipping; I can feel them stretching to remain together, aching to remain clenched, but nonetheless.......slipping.

And, it is always in the spoken truth, wrapped in words like an unexpected package, that the separation of lives, loves and dreams unfold. We feel it coming; we know it's presence. Destiny is cruel. Our dreams drift and slip away in the arms of the evening breeze, out of reach...drifting away.

It is unavoidable.  It is The Separation of Truth .......
Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°
The Separation of Truth

I will miss you.  In the truth of separation, it is not your kiss that brings me alive.  It is not your breath of passion on my neck that heats me.  Your lips on my flesh do not ignite my fervor.  Nor does the magnetic rhapsody of your gaze draw me into your love.

I will miss you.  The tender touch of your hand is not the key to my ecstasy.  Your insistent but gentle embrace holds not the fire of my ardor.  The raw and yearning aroma of your eagerness seduces but cannot unlock my heart.

I will miss you.  It is the soft whisper of your love in my ear, the gentle wave of your excitement, the murmur of your desires in the folds of my trembling flesh that unleash the throes of my passion.

I will miss your words.  The words of your world touch me.  When you speak, you kiss my heart and ignite my soul.  You write of passion that releases our spirit giving flight to our essence.  It is that essence that brings us joy; it is in that aerial core we share a private journey.

I will miss our us, our oneness, the embrace of our love, our words.  The long cavernous expanse is at once not distance, nor love, but the separation of truth:
Our truth.

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  1. Oh my goodness, such an emotional tease. Fabulous work, Muffy :-)


I was born when we kissed; I died when we parted. I lived in your embrace while we loved..........

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