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In Memory of Mermaids by Spencer Dryden @SpencerDryden ~ Release Tour August 31 – September 4 and Rafflecopter with Mermaid Gift Basket

The Memory of Mermaids by Spencer Dryden
Tour Dates: August 31 – September 4

In Memory of Mermaids
Spencer Dryden
Fireborn Publishing
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After he rescues a mermaid from a sea monster, Max Weiss falls into a world of pirate treasure, dolphin whisperers, murderous mobsters and a forbidden love.

Troubles multiply in the already-troubled life of Max Weiss after he rescues a mermaid from the clutches of a sea monster. Drawn by the allure of the enchanting mermaid, Azzaria, Max agrees to help her find her lost mermaid sister. Max is pulled into a world of missing drug money, pirate treasure, murderous mobsters, dolphin whisperers and a forbidden love. 


Screams jerked Max from his lounge chair. He spilled his beer all over his sweat stained shirt. He scurried down to the dock in the direction of the sound. His world turned surreal. A hideous beast clutched a girl with several of its tentacles. Its huge, murky, brown eyes focused on her, it turned her slowly as if admiring a succulent catch, gooey saliva poured from its mouth. Her arms pinned, eyes wide with terror, her screams elevated from human cries to a dolphin like screeches. The beast licked her exposed rear end with its pock marked tongue, as it slowly pulled her to its parrot beak mouth.

Max grabbed the pole saw and pulled the starter cord as he ran to the dock. He revved the engine to full throttle and jammed the saw into the beast’s eye. It splattered like a jello filled balloon. The beast wailed, released the girl with all but one tentacle, using the others to cover the wounded eye and flail at Max. The saw cut through the tentacles like cooked pasta, the stumps of severed limbs sprayed blood like garden hoses.

The girl crawled onto the lawn and latched on to the base of a palm tree, a single tentacle still wrapped around her body. Her screams stabbed at Max’s heart. He ran to her, sliced through the tentacle bringing another bellow from the creature. The beast retreated slowly and slipped into the murky water; its remaining eye flashed Max a menacing glare, as if already plotting its revenge.

"That’s right," Max screamed at the beast. "That’s what you get. Come back here so I can do your other eye." He gunned the motor for effect. The beast disappeared.

He turned back to the girl and pulled the thrashing tentacle from around her. He froze in place when he realized it wasn't a girl. It was a mermaid. Woozy, he staggered on rubbery legs and collapsed with a thud. 

About the Author:

Spencer Dryden is a new writer, but an old guy on the threshold of draining any reserves left in Medicare and Social Security.
In real life he is a handyman, an at-home dad, inventor and web videographer living a quiet life in the frozen tundra of Minnesota (USA).

Like all writers he has a cat but they don't get along well. He can be found at the usual writer hangouts or St. Augustine, Florida.

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