Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, 6 November 2014 ~ Succulent Chocolate Serpent

A Taste, just a taste, of Thursday. Last week we left Aynne in the bath, humming On the Wings of a Snow White Dove in a warm sensory indulgence of a hot bath. Remember? Her absence in bed allowed the cool night air to replace her heat which roused her sleeping giant. Simon is up to something. Let's see what it is.

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Succulent Chocolate Serpent
“Hardly a melody which would suit your talents, I am sure,” she said as she giggled to herself.

“Would you like a glass of champagne…a strawberry to refresh your palate?”

“Oh, that would be delicious, Simon, yes please. And chocolate…..”

“Not had your fill of ‘chocolate’ yet, my pet?” His laugh was hearty. “I have failed you, my darling, Aynne; I will do my best to have you begging for an intermezzo after some more ‘chocolate’.” Simon stood by the tub, in full black naked glistening brilliance in front of Aynne.

“Don’t be long,” Aynne begged as she watched him walk away, every motion of flexed muscle a smooth and suave fluid gesture full of confidence. She dipped again into the hot silken bubbled waters of the tub, just to cool herself. The irony was not lost on Aynne. Her heat was mounting again, filling her belly with a rumbling incessant need.

When Simon returned, he pulled the vanity ottoman over by the tub. He spread a towel over the ottoman and placed the strawberries, chocolate and champagne within reach, then unceremoniously stepped into the hot water, his thick black cock dangling temptingly between muscular thighs in front of Aynne’s face. She wiggled, sitting up, to make room while he descended, lowering himself into the hot water gently. He slid his feet between, then under her legs, parting her knees as he settled. The hot bath water rushed in to kiss the full lips of the soft hungry mound of her pussy and center of her heat, shocking her tenderness from the huddled nest between her legs.

Simon poured more Crystal Champagne, dipped a strawberry in the smoldering chocolate and handed the delicacy to Aynne. He smiled, withdrawing the berry teasingly, and with a knowing grin fed the strawberry to Aynne instead.

Aynne reached for the berry being offered but when he clearly changed his mind to feed it to her, she put her hands on his knees and pulled herself closer to him. She leaned into the proffered fruit and her mouth formed a perfect heart-shaped pale pink opening to welcome its chocolate covered juices. 

Simon looked down at the stirrings of an awakened erection as it grew and broke the surface of the bath water when Aynne’s eager mouth surrounded the succulent berry. She smile wickedly over the chocolate dipped fruit and tipped a playful eye to the black chocolate serpent peeking through the bubbles below. She hummed a satisfied welcome and swallowed the ripe sweet strawberry in her eager mouth. 
© Muffy Wilson

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