Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Taste of Thursday, 13 November 2014 ~ Wings of Flame

Thursday is a day for Tasters; are you ready for a Taste? Remember, I am sharing my WIP with you of my commission for Decadent Publishing. This is an adult adaptation of The The Giant and the Tailor fairy tale. It definitely is far from a children's fairy tale.

Last week, Aynne was daydreaming about her one night in the moonbeams with Simon a decade earlier. She was snapped back into reality by the phone. Please enjoy and sashay over to the other author's pages to see what they have offered up for your entertainment. Follow the links or their names below, like breadcrumbs..... Enjoy ~  ☼ o√ ¸.¨¯`*..*˜"*°

Wings of Flame
The intercom rang on Simon’s desk, breaking the moment for both of them. He answered from where he stood, “Yes, Ms Meriwether?”

“I am sorry to disturb you, Mr D’Istrafrio, however Hope Hospice wished to hold for you. Would you like me to tell them you will return the call?”

“No, thank you, Ms Meriwether. I’ll pick up. Thank you.” Simon held Aynne by the shoulders and told her he had to take the call.

“Of course, Simon. I’ll leave.”

“No, please don’t, Aynne. Please stay. I shouldn’t be long. Please have your coffee.” He walked Aynne to the leather sofa and left her there as she seated herself.

“Hello? This is Simon D’Istrafrio.”

Aynne thought how powerful and majestic he looked, standing straight and tall, his left hand in his pants pocket, his suit jacket whipped behind his wrist exposing a large faced gold wrist watch. It glistened, reflecting the sunlight as Simon turned to look out at the skyline of the Windy City. Her heart skipped and stopped at what she heard.

“Thank you for calling, Tina. Yes, I will be right there. It will take me about twenty minutes. Are my daughters there? Yes, thank you. Thank you, Tina. Good-bye.”


“Yes, of course, Simon. Is Talia…?”

“I must leave. Her parents and the children are there now. There isn’t much time, I’m afraid. Where are you staying?”

“At the Palmer Hotel. Go, Simon, go! I will leave my information with Ms. Meriwether. Please, I’ll never forgive myself if you don’t go now.”

They walked from his office together as he grabbed his trench coat and briefcase. He held the door for Aynne and instructed his assistant to take all of her vital contact information.

“Mr D’Istrafrio, the helio is waiting upstairs. I have called your driver for Ms Taylor and notified Mrs. D’Istrafrio’s father you were on your way with an estimated arrival of twenty minutes. That was five minutes ago.”

“Thank you, Ms Meriwether. You know how to reach me.”

“Yes, sir. I will reschedule your appointments and take care of Ms Taylor. God bless and keep you, sir.”

“Thank you, Ms Meriwether. You are a godsend. Good-bye, Aynne. I will call you when I can. Don’t worry, please. We’ll work it out. Ms Meriwether, please take care of Ms Taylor and see that she gets back to her hotel safely.”

“Of course, Mr D’Istrafrio.”

With that, Simon, his face serious and somber, turned to the elevator where the little man in uniform awaited him. He turned to look back at Aynne and then sped to his dying wife’s side to be with her and his family.
© Muffy Wilson

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