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A Taste of Thursday, 20 November 2014 ~ The Waiting Arms of Angels

A Taste of Thursday and I am offering you a tender moment when Talia dies, surrounded by her family, from my completed work, Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences, submitted today to Decadent Publishing. Read all the wonderful author's excerpts from their WIPs.

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The Waiting Arms of Angels
Talia smiled and squeezed the hand of the man that touched her heart, enriched her life, had given her children. She closed her eyes, her breath carried a soft humming from her lips. She was beautiful, serene and calm.

“Bring my children,” she said in a whisper. Simon was racked with heart wrenching painful sorrow. He thought he was prepared for Talia’s death. But the saying, and believing and reassurance was nothing for the doing, for the being for this moment. He was not ready for her to leave him. He did not want her to leave him, even though he knew she had to, that she was going to die. He knew in his heart that the only way for her to be released from her pain was to be released from this life…to just let go…He had to let her go, but he couldn’t. He was afraid, he couldn’t…he did not want her to die.

The children came into her room, along with everyone else. They all shuffled over to the bed and she held their hands, loved them, exchanged stories and memories. They loved and consoled one another while Simon stood by trying to rally his strength as he listened to each one of them say good-bye to their friend, their sister, their aunt and daughter. Talia’s mother and father cried outright, with big helpless tears in waves of uncontrollable sobs, their loss so unbearable and painful.

Simon sat, in silence, beside his wife of fifteen years with his youngest daughter on his lap, weeping into his chest. His other two children came and went, moved about hugging other family members as they needed then returned to Simon’s side. The day passed into evening as the sun cast ribbons of gold, amber and sienna between the drapes Talia wanted left open. This was her favorite time of day, then end of the day that the family always came together no matter their busy activities during the day. They all came home - to her - every single day of their lives. He watched her as he knew she thought just that. He knew because he knew her, loved her and he was home - wherever she was. That was home. Her eyes opened to watch as the Sun died another night that the Moon might live and dance among the stars and glistening galaxies until morning when the Sun wanted her sky back. That is what she used to tell the children so that they would go to sleep and rest, like the Sun. He could not have loved her more than at that moment, the memory escorting her beautiful soul into the waiting arms of angels.

Surrounded in a loving embrace by all the people she loved, and who loved her, Talia’s mouth formed one last circular ‘O’ as she took her last breath with the setting sun, closed her eyes and exhaled.

“I love you, Tali. Let go. We are all home,” he leaned into her ear, his lips brushing her cooling flesh as she slipped away.

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  1. This was so sad. I can't believe she dies just like that was everyone around just waiting for it, I feel kind of bad for her.


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