Friday, November 29, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, November 29, 2013 ~ Hide'n Go Seek

Flash Fiction Friday: another photo prompt, another 100 word shorty. This weeks photo is dark so it inspired a dark flash from me. After you read my flash, please have a romp over to my cohorts blogs to read their interpretations of the subject photo.

When you are through here, please follow the link above or use my page as a lily pad as you'll find all the participating authors listed below. Now, hopefully, you'll enjoy the darker side of my writing.....

Hide'n Go Seek
The young lovers, returning to campus after spring break, decided to take a refreshing break from the long drive. They took a narrow road through a forested area to the familiar, secluded lake. It smelled invitingly clean, woody and musky. Doffing their clothes, they jumped in eagerly and joined in a kiss.

Darkness fell.

They emerged from the lake to find their belongings were gone. Naked, they froze and were met by men in camouflage with rifles.

“It’s your lucky day, kiddies; you gonna play a live video game………”

"WTF", Natalie screamed!

They shot her where she stood.

“Now, RUN!!!

Participating Authors


  1. Excellent flash! A real shock for the lovers. I could see them running, terrified to get away. Well done Muffy <3

  2. Didn't expect it to turn out like that. Great.

  3. Wow! Creepy. I'd be up for reading more of this story!

    1. Dee, it was very kind of you to visit. I don't think I have had the pleasure. Please feel free to have a peek of some of my other shorts and do come back for another visit. Please let me know when I can return the favor <3 xo

  4. Your flash makes a person think twice about enjoying what nature provides in the nude with one who is loved. At first I thought they would be entertaining erotically but you turned the tale to a darker side of man. Is the lady dead or will her lover pick her up and rumn with all his might? Who are these evil villains? So many questions you could expand into a longer story. You had me from the beginning and I didn't want to have it end where it did.

  5. Fantastic Flash Muffy. I love your darker side

  6. Argh! Scary flash Muffy! You pulled me in and then spat me out!


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