Friday, November 22, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, November 22, 2013 ~ Soul to Soul

Another Friday means another Flash Fiction Friday photograph common to all the participating authors and a mere 100 words to write an inspired flash. This photo stumped me, if not a few of the other authors. That can be a good thing because we have to stretch and in the end, it is always interesting to see how the photo spoke to the other writers. 

Do be a good sport and go read all the other flashes by using the link above, or I have listed them one-by-one below. Please be kind and leave me a comment. This is a bit darker than normal however still descriptive as is my usual style.  I give you Soul to Soul.......enjoy!

Soul to Soul
He was a world renowned and wildly eccentric psychic. He had given her specific directives as he wanted a pure and uninfluenced reading.

She had removed all telltale evidence of her life and covered herself in a black floor length robe from the foyer, as instructed. She entered the candle lit room that smelled of Patchouli Oil and incense then sat on the cushions on the floor. The dark room hummed with a quiet undercurrent of sitar and chanting.

He entered, sat behind her in the darkness and placed his fingertips upon her temples.

“Murder will not bring you happiness, independence ……….nor freedom.”

Participating Authors


  1. Ohhh chilling end line. Surely one to develop further!

  2. OOOh, Muffy! What is she planning on doing/has done already? Great flash.

  3. Ohhh chilling! I need to know more ... much more!

  4. Oo! That's creepy. I want to know more!

  5. Damn! So creepy! Who does she want to kill? You left me suspended. I love your take on the picture.

  6. Great ending to a well written tease


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