Friday, September 27, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, September 27, 2013 ~ The Sketch

I love Fridays. Friday, the threshold to the weekend......and also to Flash Fiction Friday. Today, as always, a group of stellar wordsmiths congregate to entertain you with variety of short shorts based on the same inspiration photo below featuring 100 words, no more no fewer. You may think this is easy, however, it is not! It takes me more than that to welcome you and thank you for the visit!!

Anyway.....please read and comment on all of the participating contributions. You will find the authors listed at the link above or one by one below, like artist sketches leaning against the gallery wall. But, first, before you dart off eagerly to feast upon the others, please read my answer to this week's challenging photo and leave me a comment, if you are so inclined. I have called my piece, 
The Sketch... 

The Sketch
Startled, she dropped his sketch.

Enraged, his face grew red, his neck swelled against his starched white collar and his pulse throbbed in purple bulges against his temples.  Ashamed, she wrapped her slender alabaster arms across her small breasts, folded to the floor in a puddle of silken flesh, then glanced up.  She had no real fear he would harm her; she had witnessed his anger before.  But, this was the reaction he sought, he required, from her.

“Do NOT move!  I need your fear to feed my passion!” 

“As I need your passion to breathe, sir,” she exhaled, her soul ignited....


So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed it. Me thinks that my lady above will be kindly rewarded for her cooperation and submission. Now, do be a dear and spread your love to the other participating authors who have chosen to join in the fun today. You know we are a diverse group and each delectable story will be a morsel to savor.....and please leave a comment. We ALL thrive on attention:) xo

S.J. Maylee:


  1. I love what she said to him, left me breathless. great piece xo

  2. fantastic writing, as always, Muffy. I love it

  3. Fabulous writing, the give and take between these to is quite powerful.

  4. Love the interaction between these two :-)

  5. Wowser!! Heart pounding, I love the descriptions and emotion and how you describe her appearance and behavior. Awesome job!

  6. "Enraged, his face grew red, his neck swelled against his starched white collar and his pulse throbbed in purple bulges against his temples". That was an incredibly great opening. I saw his rage- described perfectly. I could feel both their emotions. Too bad their both me. Lol.


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