Friday, October 4, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday, October 4, 2013 ~ Impatient Passion

Flash Fiction Friday is unfolding as we speak. As you may or may not know, a group of clever crafty writers get together to write a 100 word, no more no less, story about a photo common to us all that has been selected by our group's admin.

The photograph below reminded me of my years in Paris and the joys of the Left Bank. Ah, romance in the City of Love is irresistible, mais non? There are only a few of us wordsmiths today, so please take a moment to read and comment on my short flash then navigate the romantic waters to the others via the link above or you will find them listed below like fresh baked boulangerie baguettes.

Impatient Passion
We sat along the Left Bank and watched the day ease red into the waiting embrace of the night. The sunset warmed, relaxed, comforted; the wine released anxious inhibitions as the sun bedded for the day. 

Tight knots of anticipation unraveled slowly as our tongues eagerly locked in a breathless dance of expectation.

His fingers traced a burning path up my thigh to the searing wet, velvet folds where my legs joined. My heart pounded, aflame with desire. Sliding his fingers under my thong, his fingertips released currents of impatient passion inside me.

He whispered into a kiss, “Come into me…”


I hope you enjoyed my little sojourn down the Parisienne cobblestones of memory lane.  If so, please leave me a comment then saunter over to read what my co-writers have written about this same photo. I can guarantee they will none of them be alike and will be passionate passages you are sure to enjoy.


  1. Sensitively erotic. I never saw the action you described from the picture but with your words I saw it clearly.

  2. Oh my ~ When I read your teasers...let me just say, the do tease, and plant fresh imageries in my oh so vivid mind... I so appreciate your skills, and how you place a smile on my face, and sunshine me through the rain.... Thanks for being you.... Much love..... xxx


  3. Love your show of this pictures sensuality. Beautifully done.

  4. very descriptive and sexy. it got heavy and hot in that brief scene. awesome

  5. Such a sensous take on this picture. Loved it, Muffy!

  6. You write with such passion and I love everything you write

  7. That was a little hotter than I was expecting. Love your take on the picture. xx

  8. Mmmm purrrfectly hot. :) I love the detail of his wandering fingers. ;-) Great flash!

  9. Oh, just lovely! Great flash piece Muffy.


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