Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breathless Press, June 3, 2012 ~ The Rite of Passionata

On this lazy Sunday, while catching up on what all my friends have been doing on Facebook, I stumbled across a post by a great friend of mine, Dianne Hartsock.  She posed the challenge, "You Write It! Who is this woman behind the mask? Is she wearing it for pleasure or is it the face she shows the world?"  
She’s hiding her true self. Who is she?
Is she going to a party
or is this a mask she wears to keep others distant?

So, I decided to answer that challenge and answer the question, from my perspective, about this quiet beauty, who she is, why she is wearing the mask, what does she become.
The Rite of Passionata

Announcing commencement, the tantric music floated through the air and embraced all who attended the Ceremonial Rite of Passionata. Each invitee had been prepared in private, in separate quarters, upon their arrival by their attendant. They were provided with hot baths, aromatic oils and fragrant body lotions as part of the body sacrament. Each room had a private entrance and separate exit into the Room of Chambers, where the ritual acceptance and reception would be conducted.
The signal tolled. The naked men, having donned their viril animal masks, opened the doors into the chamber and entered.

The Crested Splendor was the centerpiece of the pyre. The illuminata rose to a low contrast of light and dark flickering shadows. As she appeared to glow, she released a sigh of ritual mantras. Surrounded by candles and opulent gold bowls filled with fragrant sacred oils and blood, the prayers road sweet-scented waves of ethereal music in the seduction of the men. She lay naked except for the headdress she wore covering most of her face.

The magnificent woman, a chattel offering, was tied by wrist and ankle to the column while the men prepared her sumptuous body. The twelve men used claws, hooves and talons to wash and annoint her  in the sacred oils. The ritual, the incense, the music and the different sensations of the animal tools dipped in consecrated blood and holy oils charged her body with overwhelming energy. Her prayers and mantra grew louder with her stimulation.

From her revered womanhood, a vortex of honeyed welcome dripped in pre-cum. She begged for release as the men chanted, touching her everywhere, igniting every pore. They cleansed her, chanted prayers over her and prepared her for the holy sacrament. Her perfection, purity and flawless beauty were sacrosanct in the ritual. Each man, one by one, ascended the stage and deposited their seed.

And so, the ceremony continued until each man had entered the woman, filled her with semen and she cleansed them with her mouth. She was now their wife, bearing the future of the coven inside her, the Lord God. As proof of their love, devotion to her and fidelity to the lofty group, she was now elevated to Lord Mistress.


Well.............what did you think?   A little off the beaten path for me, I know it.  But, it seemed the logical answer to Dianne's question for whatever reason it struck me today.  Leave me a comment below and let me know. I am on shaky ground here so welcome the feedback.  I guess idle hands, minds and hearts ARE the Devil's workshop, because he was surely at work on this one:) xo

See the original challenge and short posted on Breathless Press Blog c 


  1. The music sure fits the tone of the story . Nice work my friend ...

    1. You are always so kind, Carlus. Thank you, darling:) xo

  2. Intriguing!
    Must find your other works!
    But where? Here?

    1. All my shorts, flashs and teasers are here, or you can read some of my longer stories on my web page. There is a link to my website in the upper right corner or you can just hit me here,

      You are so kind to comment and be interested:) xo

  3. Beautiful as usual and a departure from what you normally do. Loved it and I love your amazing talent and imaginative mind. :) (((hugs))) Loved the "claws" and future of the coven inside her. Great work.

    1. You are my heart, Sherrygurl. Thank you for the encouragement:) xo

  4. Really very loving musical and so erotic post , sometimes they show in Indian moveies about Tantric presentations and to read your post it is all amazing for me How Muffy ji has knowledge such wonderful Fantasies ?

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love your writing. You have the gift of using words to create the highest level of eroticism. The cleansing anointing and creation of new Lord Mistress was a truly wonderful read.


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