Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breathless Press, June 10, 2012, ~ Sunday Fun ~ Silent Dancer, Part II

Silent Dancer, Part II

Through plumes of smoke, he watched as she danced. Doffing the cigarette, he rolled to his chest and the foot of the bed, resting his chin on his forearms. Their eyes locked in a symbiotic connection between his growing cock and the soft velvet folds moving with liquid symphony between her legs. His pulse beat quickly in his temple as he watched her move to the music.

Her arms were like gossamer wings open at once then closed around the life-force of her full round breasts. She tempted him with the ruby, red opening of her mouth which he knew to be warm, deeply commanding and …….. eager to please. As her hips swayed rhythmically, suggestively, she drank champagne and let the nectar run from her lips through her breasts and between her legs. She melted to the floor and poured it across her flesh, catching chilled golden rivers in her bellybutton.


The fluid movement of her body mesmerized his mind, but his body responded…..

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