Friday, March 16, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday, March 16, 2012 ~ Mirror, Mirror......Ahhhhhhh

Things are steaming up this week.  Wait until you get through all this week's Flash Fiction Friday reads.  You're gonna need a fan and ice water................ooooooooo, ice water!  I can take you places with that!!  But, until then, please read my take on this week's subject photo and see where it takes you!!
Mirror, Mirror......Ahhhhhhh

The chime sounded.   Holly grabbed a lollipop and sat in front of the mirror. 

“Ola, it’s Holly.”
“Yes, I’m sooooooooo wet.  I feel a burning in my stomach.  My pussy is hot, throbbing, full; my clit red and hard……my lips full, open, trembling.”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, like that……deeper, harder, faster.  I love pre-cum……”
Putting the phone to her silken slit, Holly whipped at her pearl so he could hear her slippery, slapping wetness as he watched through the glass.
She knew what he was doing.
The drape closed. 
Holly erupted in fevered waves of release…………
 “Please insert $20………….Peek-a-Pussy appreciates your business”
Sighing, Holly loved her job...................

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You'll have to excuse me.  I know where this FFF took me and I have to go ride the waves.............for just a few self-indulgent minutes:) xo 


  1. Oh wow! You weren't kidding about needing ice. Seriously steamy. And a punchline that gets you in the guts. Wonderful flasher!

  2. Well, that was a morning wake up call :P I've only had a sip of coffee and I think I need to be more prepared :lol:

    Great FFF Muffy


  3. ...whipped at her pearl so he could hear...
    oh my, where's the fan, I need a fan here!!
    loved it!!

  4. Absolutely loved it Muffy! The peek-a-pussy was a fantastic idea. Great job.

  5. Great photo Muffy and thanks for placing me there with her :-)

  6. LOL This was hot and funny! I can just hear her candid thoughts of, yep, I got paid! Loved your FFF!

  7. h very yummy indeed. Makes me kinda hot and wet all over

  8. Oh, I want to lick you mind after this one! Peek-a-pussy is classic and my curtains opened when they closed in this. Excellent Flash!!!

  9. Loved it, hot! Love the twist at the end, nice touch!

  10. Ok, someone else said it, but it bears repeating - Peek A Pussy, ooooh fuck, that is such a cool idea. Actually, I've been to one of those peek a pussy places, I was so hot & bothered by the time I'm pumped $100 into her slot - I went and paid another $100 for a lap dance. *Sighs*

    Excellent Ms Muffy. PS; I'm going to steal that whip the pearl line.

  11. LOL! Peek-a-pussy! What way to make a man go broke. *snicker* Excellent sexy post Muffy.

  12. *gulp* WOW! Love the twist at the end. It's a good thing I'm sitting in front of a to get the ice water. You just gave new meaning to Hot Flash. ;)

  13. Wow ! So yummy hot and juicy . Muffy Ji you always delight me with you so fantasy post , I loved this so much and the loving Photo so erotic ! Thank you my friends

  14. Hot, really Hot is the only way to describe this FFF. I love the name of the place and your imagination is wicked. Definitely a steamy post. Yuuuuummy.

  15. OOOh a peep show~ I hadn't thought of those in years. Very good post. Nice angle. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the peep!

  16. Sorry I just can't stop giggling over the company name. I love how you can give me steamy hot and then a big goofy smile. Great FFF!

  17. Red hot!!!! Excellent piece of writing

  18. A shot in the dark, when your watch the cycle start to rotate.


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